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The First Eclipse Of The Decade Is On Jan. 10 & It'll Affect Every Zodiac Sign


A blood moon is one of the most gorgeous and mesmerizing things that can happen in the sky. However, astrologically speaking, this lunation is no walk in the park. If you look back on some major milestones in your life, I'm sure you would discover that an eclipse took place right around the same time. Anything can happen during an eclipse, but the main thing to remember is that what's meant to be will be. Your January 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope is here to help you understand why certain changes need to be made in order for you to reach your true potential. Whether you're stoked about the future or clinging onto the past, it will all make sense eventually.

The first lunar eclipse of 2020 takes place on Jan. 10 at 2:21 p.m. ET in Cancer. This watery and emotional zodiac sign is all about compassion, protection, and what lies closest to your heart. Expect the shifts and revelations this lunar eclipse brings to help you heal your private life and remind you of what's truly important. It's time to nurture the world you live in through tender, loving care.

Opposing both karmic and inhibiting Saturn, as well as dark and transformative Pluto, this lunar eclipse is bound to serve you some difficult-to-swallow pills. Comforts that you've long relied on may crumble, forcing you to stand on your own two feet and grow through strife. This may lead to earth-shattering discoveries of changes that must be made. However, it's just as likely that those changes will be made for you. Regardless, you're receiving plenty of kindness throughout the process, as this lunar eclipse forms a harmonious trine with sensitive and empathetic Neptune. Keep in mind that the kindest thing you can do for yourself is take a risk. Even if you fail, get back up and try again.



Come to terms with what's missing in your corner of the world. Do you feel safe, sound, and understood? Create the home you deserve by removing yourself from unhealthy situations and reserving time for compassion and rest. Whether you're moving into a new space, or healing familial relationships, you deserve to feel at home.


You're learning how to communicate your wants, needs, and thoughts. Let go of the fear that you'll alienate others with your words. If your truth pushes someone away, this is valuable information. If your truth brings someone closer, then it is a relationship worth having. Watch how your voice has the power to shift your reality.


There may be changes regarding your financial state and your relationship with money and material possessions. Money is not the be-all, end-all, but it does grant you freedom. Learn that your bank account is not a reflection of who you are, but a tool to help you maintain your independence.


You're peeling the layers of your identity, shedding your skin, and digging deeper into the person you're meant to become. A door is opening and it's time to look forward and let the past become the past. It's more painful to try to fit into the person you once were than embrace the uncertainty of who you will be.



There may be some very personal wounds that are torn open during this eclipse. Forgive yourself for feeling however you feel. Your intuition is speaking to you loud and clear, helping you understand what will heal you. Take some time to yourself and rejuvenate your energy, and pay attention to your emotions. Therapy is on the way.


What is your vision for a better reality? What causes hit close to home? Think of ways you can come together to help this world become a better place. It may be time to leave behind communities that don't share your concerns and surround yourself with people who inspire you to be the best version of yourself.


A major career development awaits you. It may be time to take matters into your own hands and put yourself out there. Take a risk and let yourself be noticed. If you're not following the right pursuits, it's time to recognize what you should be working toward instead. Let the world see you as you are, because there is nothing to prove.


Your philosophy of life is under construction. What guides you to live your life to the fullest each day? It may be time to reconsider what you place your faith in, and embrace spontaneous opportunities for an adventure that may lead you somewhere unexpected. Don't be a prisoner to your plans. Instead, let your perspective shift.



A major transformation is coming into focus. You're learning what you need to divest your energy from, as well as what you should invest it in. There may be longstanding debts that require payment. However, there could also be unexpected inheritances that arrive, which will help you decide what commitments you're meant to make next.


An important truth regarding your relationships is coming into focus. It may be time to let go of people who no longer have a place in your future. It's OK to outgrow a relationship because you've changed. However, this may be the start of a beautiful, new relationship, as well as the deepening of a current one.


There may be changes in your daily routine, your work schedule, or your health. It's time to acknowledge the way you've been balancing your priorities. Are you sacrificing your well-being? Are you allowing disorganization to get the best of you? Form a schedule that helps you be both productive and nourished.


Prepare for a romantic shift or a creative awakening. Are you allowing magic and pure, unadulterated joy to flourish in your life? If you're stomping on your dreams and giving in to self-judgment, you're inhibiting your full power. Get in touch with your inner child and express yourself without restraint.