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There May Be Some Drama In Your January 20 Weekly Horoscope


Are you ready for 2020 to truly begin? The past few weeks have been weighed down by two dramatic and life-altering eclipses, setting you off on a new path. Karmic Saturn and transformative Pluto have also been hanging heavy in a conjunction, indicating power shifts and major reveals. With all this intensity in your midst, it's probably been difficult to find your footing and get focused. Luckily, your January 20, 2020 weekly horoscope is here and you're turning a new leaf. It's time to leave the past in the past, dedicate yourself to your goals, and set your sights on the future.

When the sun enters worldly, humanitarian, and social Aquarius on Jan. 20, it will remind you to strive for a better reality and be the change you would like to see in the world. Aquarius is all about critiquing the status quo, tapping into your inner revolutionary, and considering how your actions affect others. One compassionate act always leads to another, sending a ripple effect coursing throughout society. Make as many waves as you can. Embody the beautiful world you'd like to live in with each decision you make. When the new moon in Aquarius takes place on Jan. 24, you can set some solid goals for yourself and truly make a difference. All those New Year's resolutions you've made? Set aside some time to make those resolutions as specific as you can, then manifest them into reality with wild abandon. Aquarius season calls for it.

However, just because eclipse season is finally behind you doesn't mean the drama is over. What would be the fun in that anyway? You may feel a tremendous desire to establish your boundaries and regain your independence when the sun forms a square to radical and rebellious Uranus on Jan. 23. However, this can make for quite an unpredictable time, so try your best to roll with the punches. Remember that a plan falling apart is only another plan coming together, and that plan may turn out to be far more interesting. Even though things may feel a bit up in the air, you'll still have the mental acuity, motivation, and ambition to go with the flow and figure your way out. When Mercury — planet of communication — forms a sextile to driven and passionate Mars on Jan. 25, not even the most unexpected detours can throw you off course. Instead, let them point you to a shortcut or an even more interesting route.

This week, your relationships are also growing in fascinating and inspiring ways. When Venus — planet of love — forms a sextile to expansive and optimistic Jupiter on Jan. 23, it will infuse your social life with romance, positivity, and excitement. Let your bonds grow stronger, through thick and thin. However, on Jan. 26, it may be more "thin" than "thick," because Venus will also be forming a difficult square to aggressive and combative Mars. Even if conflicts with loved ones threaten your peace, try to find a middle ground and be as diplomatic as possible. If you can listen with patience, speak with integrity, and maintain honesty, solving these conflicts will only bring you closer.



You're the string that ties everyone together this week. Bring loved ones along for the ride and fight for something you all believe in. Set aside your ego, let generosity guide your way, and it will bring you all the satisfaction you're searching for. Be extra protective of the secrets you're keeping for others. People are relying on you.


You're shining bright and all your hard work is finally paying off. Let the attention you're receiving inform you of what you could have done differently. However, make sure to pat yourself on the back for what you did right. Follow your intuition, regardless of what anyone tells you. The only opinion that truly matters is your own.


You're spreading your wings and opening your heart to new opportunities and perspectives. The only wrong thing to do is to remain stubborn and unchanging. You may be feeling competitive at this time, which can fuel your work. Just make sure you're not chasing battles that truly don't mean anything in the long run.


You're preparing for the next chapter of life and some things must remain in the past. Relieve yourself of the weight you no longer need to carry. Have the courage to invest in something new. You may feel a strong desire for freedom and independence. Remember to respectfully establish boundaries that protect your sense of self.



You're deepening your partnerships and learning how to cooperate and share with others. Work on establishing a healthy balance of give and receive. Banish toxic relationship patterns that have been holding you back. Remember that love is not about being in control. It's about loving someone exactly as they are, without trying to change them.


It's time to get focused on your goals and forge an organized system that will bring you closer to your success. Follow a method that works for you. The traditional route may not be enough. Combine creativity with consistency and you're already there. Know that you don't need to rely on others to get there. You have all the tools you need.


Take time to heal your inner child. Before the stress and pressure of adulthood sunk in, you were the purest and most untarnished version of yourself. Get back to the things that make you feel the happiest and most at peace with who you are. There may be frustrations that stall your progress this week. Get back on that horse when you fall.


You're forging a home that you deserve. What you deserve is a place where you feel safe, understood, and able to let down your guard. Nurture yourself and take a rest if your spirit calls for it. There may be drama in your love life this week but it could be just as exciting as it is frustrating. Let the chips fall where they may.



You're bursting with fascinating things to say and it's spreading a fire throughout your social life. Open yourself up to new friends and listen to what people have to say. There's so much to learn from others. You may run into conflicts at home or with family this week. If you argue, try to solve a problem rather than prove your point.


You're establishing some stability in your universe. Whether you're focusing on your finances or spending money on necessities, learn to accept what you need and get rid of what you don't. What you really need may be very different from what you think you need. Think before you speak this week. You may come across more aggressive than you intend.


Embrace your authentic self. If the world threatens to distill your personality or soften your edges, make a stand. You know who you are deep down and no one understands what goes on inside of you. Find confidence in your truth. You might feel possessive of what's yours this week. Protect your energy, but try not to be selfish either.


You're dipping into your dreamworld and delving into your subconscious. Write in your journal, meditate, and pay extra attention to your dreams and the places your mind wanders off to. There's a revelation awaiting you. You may be feeling as though you're being attacked this week. Recognize that there's two sides to every story.