Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & You'll Feel The Shift Into Aquarius Season

Even though Capricorn season comes to an end on Jan. 20, you're about to experience a blast of energy this week. It will help you conquer your current situations. Remember that you have the power to change your world, so take a step back from what's going on and decide your next move. The week begins with a first quarter moon in turbo-blasting and initiating Aries, encouraging you to barge through barriers. Your January 14, 2019 weekly horoscope wants to help you come to terms with the journey that lies ahead. Take the first step.

There is room for magical thinking when Mercury — the brainiest planet of all — forms a sextile with Neptune — the dreamiest planet of all — on Jan. 14. This is a great time to have compassionate conversations, to come up with creative ideas, and to see the bright side of things. When Venus — planet of love and luxury — forms a harmonious trine with sexual, aggressive, and assertive Mars, you can lean into your ability to make what you see as beautiful a reality. You can move through life with a fire burning behind you that excites everyone you meet.

However, your mind may also drift to dark places when Mercury forms an overwhelming conjunction with Pluto, the planet of all things unseen. While this energy is underway, you'll be able to understand yourself and others on the deepest of levels, and you may not like everything you see. However, conversations can be incredibly healing if you remain empathetic. Take care that you don't take any drastic moves when the sun forms a confusing square with Uranus by the end of the week. You may feel pulled in conflicting directions. When love Venus forms a square with illusory Neptune, not everything will be as it seems.


You're coming to terms with a career goal. You may be finally making a decision about your life path. The sun is in your 10th house of reputation for the rest of the week. Let it solidify the journey to come. With Venus forming a trine with Mars, your ruling planet, you're feeling especially in love with yourself and the world around you. Let it power you forward.


Has your mind been expanding lately? Are you visiting an entirely new world? Think about what you've learned lately. Decide how far you want to explore this universe you exist in. The sun is in your ninth house of adventure and you're moving fast. With Venus, your ruling planet, forming a trine with Mars, everything will fall into place if you let it.


You're seeing the world for what it really is. Nothing can distract you from your truth. You're emotionally intense, letting go of the past, and rejuvenating for the future. The sun is in your eighth house of death and rebirth and you're rising like the phoenix you are. With Mercury, your ruling planet, forming a conjunction with Pluto, it's your heart that has all the answers.


What you're really concerned about is one-on-one relationships. You're interested in forming loyalties, in getting to know someone on an intimate level, because the sun is in your seventh house of partnerships. Let your heart open up. The first quarter moon highlights your fourth house of home and family, allowing you to nurture the aspect of life you care about most.


In order to find success, you must dedicate yourself to routines and habits. You're taking care of your mind, body, and soul with regimens that produce your highest self. The sun is in your sixth house of work and health and you're getting organized. With Venus forming a trine with Mars in your fun and adventure houses, you're going to have such a creative week.


You're rediscovering your inner child and seeing every whimsical thing that this life has to offer. It's not all about productivity and outward success. It's about enjoying the present moment, and with the sun in your fifth house of fun and pleasure, you're seeing that. Mercury, your ruling planet, is forming a sextile with Neptune, letting the creativity flow like water.


You're realizing what truly matters in life. It's the people you love and the place that you return to after a hard day. At the end of everything, you deserve to feel safe, and the sun is in your fourth house of home and family. With Venus, your ruling planet, forming a trine with Mars, you have the energy to truly bring things in your innermost world to a better place.


You're jittery with new thoughts and feelings. You're being flooded with the need to express yourself to others and learn from new sources. Your brain is like putty, waiting to be molded, and the sun is in your third house of communication. With Pluto, your ruling planet, forming a conjunction with the sun, you're overflowing with depth and speaking it truly.


At the end of the day, even after all your exploring, you want a safe place to return to. You want to be able to know that you can take care of yourself, that you can afford the things you love. The sun is in your second house of finances and possessions, re-evaluating your world. With Venus and Mars forming a trine, highlighting what makes you special, you're on fire.


There are parts of your past self that you've had to say goodbye to. You're learning who you are. Your history remains, but there's something bright and new about you with the sun in your first house of the self. With Mercury forming a conjunction with Pluto, you're allowing your darkness to strengthen your future. Remember that your darkness contains your deepest power.


Your spirituality is alive right now. You're connecting to a higher state of mind and you're meditating on your inner truths. Some of these truths may feel unexpected, because the sun is in your 12th house of the unconscious. With Uranus forming a square with the sun, you're feeling compelled to propel yourself forward. You don't have to most so fast.


There are people who love you, people who want to be around you. A sense of belonging is enveloping you, and you want to help people you care about as much as you can. The sun is in your 11th house of community and you're a leader. With Mercury forming a sextile with Neptune, your ruling planet, you're feeling so compassionate toward others.