Who You Were In High School, As Told By Your Zodiac Sign

by Valerie Mesa

Do you remember what you were like back in high school? Were you the class clown, the jock, or the quiet one who got straight As? In fact, let's go back in time, stargazers. I'm about to tell you your high school superlative, according to your zodiac sign, and I'm pretty sure you won't disagree. Oh, and I hate to stereotype, but it's just the like the movie Mean Girls when Janis Ian gives Cady Heron a tour of the cafeteria: "You got your freshmen, ROTC guys, preps, J.V. jocks, varsity jocks," the list goes on. Truth is, despite the nostalgia of it all, we were all desperately trying to fit in and find that sense of belonging.

I remember staying up super late, rearranging my entire Myspace layout and charging my pink digital camera, just so I could take it to school the following day. Yeah, I was that girl, but even then, I never really felt like I fell into a category, per se. Although, I did get nominated for two superlatives: Ms. Personality and Ms. Congeniality. Two of which I didn't even win, ha! How dare they? I digress, but this time, we're all getting a high school superlative. This is who you were back in high school, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: Most Athletic

You love being the best, Aries. Your superhuman strength doesn't go unnoticed, and your high school days were proof that you're in it to win it. Oh, and you can thank your fiery ruling planet Mars for your competitive streak, and unbeatable stamina. By all means, share some of that dynamite with the rest of the class, why don't you.

Taurus: Best Dressed

You've always been bad and boujee, Taurus babe. You never left the house without a perfectly hand-picked outfit, not to mention your fave designer hand bag. You are the queen of aesthetics, and all the girls at school knew it, too. You are a true daughter of Venus, and your intoxicating perfume scent will forever haunt the high school hallways.

Gemini: Best All-Around

You're a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, right? Truth is, you're the most multifaceted in the zodiac, Gemini. You were flirtatious, popular, talented, sweet, and above all mischievous. Although, how on earth did you manage get straight As, too?

Cancer: Most Gullible

You were always BFFs with the popular kids, but you absolutely hated the mean girls. Hate to break it you, Cancer, but you were oh so gullible. Truth is, you were a good friend to everyone, but you also have a lot of feelings. Is there a "Most Likely To Be An Amazing Mommy" superlative?

Leo: Most Talented

Stop the press, Leo is here! So, you were president of the drama club, played in the band, and you also managed to take dance as an elective every single year. You loved showing everyone how you can cry on command, and your contagious laughter made everyone fall in love with you.

Virgo: Most Involved

What would the world do without you, Virgo? Aside from the fact that you always had anti-bacterial gel handy and extra tampons in case of an emergency, you also organized every single school activity, making sure your graduating class got what they deserved. Grad night was EPIC, too, all thanks to you.

Libra: Biggest Flirt

You little ball of sass, you. Tell me something, how is it that every single hottie at school stopped at nothing just to go out with you? Everyone loved you, Libra. Although, your girls totally got jealous every time you sold them out for one of your boyfriends.

Scorpio: Best Eyes

You were sort of intimidating, Scorpio. Come on, you barely spoke a word. Although, who needs words when you've got a killer Plutonian gaze? It's like you knew what everyone was thinking at all times. Even the teachers avoided staring into your eyes. They were probably scared to get lost in them. I know, sounds cheesy, but it's true!

Sagittarius: Life Of The Party

Senior skip day was every day, right Sag? I mean, I get it. You were the first to get invited to all the college parties, and your parents were usually traveling, so your house was everyone's fave party house. Now, explain to me again how you got that full scholarship without flunking all of your classes?

Capricorn: Most Likely To Succeed

You always made things seem so simple. Granted, you were president of the math club, and top of your class, so you're probably a rich AF CEO by now. You also made a lot of people smile without even trying. You spoke very few words, but they always had meaning.

Aquarius: Most Unique

You loved socializing with everyone in class, but you were usually in the middle of a heated debate with your one of your teachers. Everyone looked up to you, and somehow knew you would make a difference someday.

Pisces: Most Artistic

You were either very quiet and timid, or completely rambunctious. No one ever knew what they were going to get with you, Pisces. I guess that's 'cause you're an enigma. Although, one thing's for sure: you were (and probably still are) a true artist. Whether you were playing the guitar, or simply sketching a portrait of your best friend, you always managed to impress everyone with your Neptune skills.