Who You Used To Be On My Space, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Valerie Mesa

Before the days of Facebook and Instagram, Myspace was one of the many reasons why Millennials couldn't make it to school on time in the morning. Yes, we're all guilty of this, which is precisely why I'm going to tell you who you were on Myspace, according to your zodiac sign. Let's face it: The majority of us pulled all-nighters messaging back and fourth with our high school crush, and contemplating what music to put in the background of our pages. It was the beginning of side bangs, mirror selfies, and our virtual identity. Your best friends fought over the order of your top eight, and (my personal favorite) your choice of music was a form of subliminal messaging.

Truth is, logging into Myspace felt like an entirely new experience every time. Seeing those colorful notifications reminding you to check your friend requests, messages, and comments, felt like such a thrill. (It was almost like if AOL and AIM got together and had a baby. Which, in that case, I guess his name would be Tom, right?) True Life: I miss MySpace dearly. I went as far as customizing my profile with complex AF HTML coding, which for the record, took a very long time. Anyway, I digress.

This is who you were on MySpace, according to your zodiac sign.

Aries: Picture Perfect

You remember your Myspace days as if it were yesterday, Aries. Your default photos were on point, and you made sure to check your mailbox religiously. However, despite your virtual swagger, you also loved starting drama. Being petty made you feel in control, and well, you weren't afraid to pull a Regina George when necessary... especially with your top eight.

Taurus: The Silent Lurker

You were good at Myspace, Taurus. You adored your top eight, and your homepage overflowed with friend requests and messages from all your admirers. You're not a fan of change, so one gorgeous default and a quaint background did the trick. Although, that's not the only reason why you knew how to play the game. Stalking other profiles was your guilty pleasure, and boy, did you stay on top of the gossip.

Gemini: The Cyber Flirt

Myspace was your playground, Gemini. You changed your default twice a day, depending on your mood, and your music choice varied as well. You spent the majority of your time browsing, commenting, and let's be real, flirting like nobody's business. Chances are, you quoted a Britney Spears' lyric on the tagline next to your name, but that also changed on occasion.

Cancer: The HTML Coder

Myspace was a stressful environment for you, Cancer. You were always in the midst of a breakup, so the nostalgia was real. Although, don't deny it, you made sure to take it all out on your HTML design, considering there wasn't a font out of place. One time you put Usher's "Let It Burn" as your default song, but took it off the moment you saw that your ex moved on with your high school nemesis.

Leo: The Kim Kardashian Of Myspace

Seeing friend requests and comments meant the world to you, Leo. Truth is, you've always been the star of the show, and everyone loved that about you. Your default photos were a bit risqué at times, but hey, it's called "Myspace" for a reason, right? Kim Kardashian's selfie book has nothing on your killer default series.

Virgo: Eh, Who Cares?

Oh, Virgo. You've been stressing since a very young age, and well, Myspace seems to have been the cherry on top of it all. Truth is, you couldn't help but notice every single thing your friends were getting themselves into, which is why you made sure to take a step back. Yes, you were definitely crushing on someone, but you had way too much on your plate, anyway.

Libra: The Positive Quote Poster

Fake it til' you make it, Libra. The world could've been ending, but your Myspace was still butterflies, unicorns, and selfies. High school wasn't easy, and this was your escape from harsh realities. Your choice of music determined your current mood, and your aesthetics were everything.

Scorpio: Incognito

Did you know Tom Anderson is a Scorpio, too? Go figure. Myspace opened up a big can of worms for you, considering it gave you a chance to be yourself while hiding behind a computer screen. Everything from the music, to searching people's profiles, completely mesmerized you. However, we all know sharing your personal life with others isn't your fave, so you made sure to keep your profile extra private.

Sagittarius: Photos Only

Where's the party, Sagittarius? Your friend requests and event calendar were always full, and you had more friends than anyone else in your crew. Interestingly enough, you weren't into being on the computer much, but when you were, it was to upload pictures. It's not that you hated Myspace, you just preferred interacting with others in real life.

Capricorn: Better Things To Do

You didn't really have much downtime back then, Capricorn. Although, your Myspace page still looked pretty decent. Your aesthetics were serious and sophisticated, and your music choice was always something classic.

Aquarius: Too Good For The Rest Of Myspace

You spent the majority of your time browsing, commenting, and laughing at sarcastic jokes that no one else seemed to understand. Your default was a picture of an alien kitty, and your music choice was always eclectic and underground. Your relationship status said "single," even when that wasn't necessarily the case.

Pisces: What's A Top 8?

You've always been so artsy, Pisces. Which makes sense, considering you're always day dreaming about love, life, and everything else combined. Although, you weren't online much, so your friends refused to take your impromptu hiatus, or top eight seriously. Your music choice was also a bit out there, but we know you wouldn't have it any other way, right?