Who You Are On Instagram, According To Your Zodiac Sign

We're all living a double life, considering more than half of us spend the entire day scrolling and double-tapping. Although, let's be real, some of you don't even bother engaging, which is precisely why I'm about to reveal who you are on Instagram, according to your zodiac sign. That's right, I'm calling the Insta-stalkers out, and it's about damn time, too. Truth is, you'd be surprised with the amount of people who have an Instagram account to simply scroll and stalk. Thank God for the privacy feature, right? Although, that kind of gets annoying after a while, especially for those who actually take time to produce content, and engage with their friends and followers.

For me, Instagram is a virtual space where I get to express myself freely. Sure, it's a great place to market your business, but I actually enjoy creating content. However, call me petty, but it makes me laugh when I see the people who secretly watch my Instagram stories. My thoughts: "So, they can watch every single one of my ridiculous meme reposts, and yet not one like on my feed?" Yeah, yeah, blame it on the algorithm, but let's face it, IG stories opened up a whole new can of virtual worms. I kid you not, I've seen so many users with made-up usernames and no profile photo. I see you, @bfhjdi123. Nope, that's not a real Instagram username, although, it might as well be after the ones I saw. Anyway, I digress.

This is the type of Instagram friend you are, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries And Aries Rising


You're that Instagram friend who floods everyone's DMs with bizarre memes, and replay videos of people tripping and falling. You're extra playful on social media, and it doesn't matter where you are, you laugh out loud hysterically when you come across something comical. YOUR COMMENTS ARE LOUD AF, TOO!! YASSSS!!!

Taurus And Taurus Rising


You're charming and totally luscious, but you're also a legit Insta-stalker. There's a slick detective behind those Prada sunnies, but the truth of the matter is, you're emotional AF on social media. You put your heart and soul into those killer aesthetics, but it doesn't hurt to share the love every once in a while, right? Go on, double tap it... you can do it!

Gemini And Gemini Rising


It's simple: You're social media royalty, period. You've got the whole world telling you their secrets up in your DMs, and your impromptu comments are EVERYTHING. Although, your followers should think twice before getting on your bad side. Sure, you're fickle AF, but that doesn't mean you don't see absolutely everything that's going on. This is your playground, Gemini. They better recognize.

Cancer And Cancer Rising


You're adorably shy, but your intuition is on point. Trust me, it's no coincidence that the person you just thought about liked your photo, it's ALL YOU. You also like to triple check your captions and comments, just incase. However, one thing's for sure: Your TBTs are EPIC. No one can go back in time like you, Cancer.

Leo And Leo Rising


True life: You're charming AF. Your selfies break the 'Gram every now and then, too. Also, what is it with Leo women and their perfect cat eye? Eyeliner is on FLEEK. You're drama-rama in real life, but you like to keep it classy on social media. Slay, babe!

Virgo And Virgo Rising


You're always watching, don't deny it. Plus, it's the little things that count, right? Like, the tags, the people commenting, the friends, the followers, and whether or not the photo is centered. That's still no excuse for you not to comment, right Virgo? It's almost like you get caught up in the details before anything else. Share the love; it's free!

Libra And Libra Rising


You're such a diplomat, Libra. You speak your mind on social media, and you've got a lot to say. However, you're also really guilty of mirroring everyone around you, including those on your Instagram feed. Give credit where credit is due, and then say what's on your mind.

Scorpio And Scorpio Rising


You can be social on occasion, but you're a true skeptic at heart. You have zero tolerance for nonsense, and you're extra particular about the people you socialize with. You double-tap when you REALLY like something, but you've also got your eye on the prize. Of course, thanks to your secretive nature, no one ever knows what that is.

Sagittarius And Sagittarius Rising


You're that friend who's down for anything and everything, and if you're really in the mood, you'll take your adventure via Instagram Live. You suffer from serious FOMO, so you follow a number of eclectic accounts that secretly keep you entertained. You like and comment, but you also have moments where you want absolutely nothing to do with your phone.

Capricorn And Capricorn Rising


You take life really seriously, so social media is a way for you to escape. However, in the midst of scrolling through your feed, you tend to get overwhelmed because you suddenly feel like you're not doing enough with your life. Take it easy, Capricorn. It's a virtual reality. Stop taking yourself so seriously for once.

Aquarius And Aquarius Rising


You're a little bit of everything, Aquarius. You're a stalker, a leader, and a problem starter. Who's in the mood for some virtual confrontation? I know, I know. You're a visionary and a humanitarian. Although, you should show your friends some love every now and then, too.

Pisces And Pisces Rising


Sure, you're dreamy AF and totally mysterious, but you tell it like it is via social media. I'm not going to lie, your comments are also really eloquent and charming. However, easy on the dark humor and sarcasm... it's pretty brutal.