What Your Instagram Reveals About You

by Courtney Wregget

One of the first things many people do when bored is check their Instagrams. Whether in class or trying to fall asleep at night, we love to check to see what everyone is up to.

It's a way for us to take a peek into someone’s life and escape from our own — even if just for a second. But have you ever considered the image you portray of yourself through your Instagram? There are various types of “instagrammers” in this world — check them out:

The Serial Selfie Killer

Seriously, how many times and from how many different angles do we need to see your face? We get it, you’re gorgeous and obviously extremely confident given the number of close-ups you allow the world to see. Just make sure to keep it classy and accentuate your face — not “other parts” of your body.

The World Traveler

There’s always that one person you follow on Instagram who makes you hate your life every time he or she posts. Either he’s studying abroad in Prague or she’s constantly on vacation — regardless, you secretly hate these people. Even if they are on their way to work, they still find some way to make it seem a lot cooler than where you are. If you feel miserable every time they post, unfollow them before your jealousy completely overtakes your emotions.

The Food Porn Star

Especially if you are getting your body ready for spring break, you must unfollow this type of Instagrammer until you are capable of looking at it without immediately ordering food after.

The Wannabe Gandhi

With social media being a main source for vital life advice nowadays, plenty of people have posted a favorite quote. Sometimes it’s nice to see an inspiring quote, so don’t judge these Instagrammers too harshly.

The Pic Stitcher

Newflash: I can’t see half the pictures in your pic stitch because they are so small. My eyes are strained enough from looking at my phone screen all day. No people want to move their phones closer to their faces just to look at your candid photo collage if they don’t have to do so.

The “My Life is Better Than Yours” Girl

I know we shouldn't judge you because your life is awesome, but posting photos with captions that speak of how much better your life is than everyone else’s is pretty obnoxious. Be humble and appreciative of what you have without flaunting it. The same rule applies to showing off materialistic things as well.

The Birthday Wisher

You probably follow someone who only uses his or her Instagram to wish people a happy birthday (likely because it means that they don’t have to say it in person or purchase a gift). But, just so you know, an Instagram happy birthday doesn’t make you a better person.

The Significant Other Show Off

Some of us aren’t so fortunate to currently be in a relationship. That being said, we single people do not want a relationship status reminder every time we check Instagram. Sure, the occasional adorable picture of you and the person you love is fine, but please keep in mind that not everyone is as lucky as you are. Plus, some of us would rather keep our lunch and not vomit on our phones.

The Throwback Thursday To Before Gaining The Freshman 15 Girl

This is the girl (and yes, occasional boy) who posts photos from high school or freshman year of college when she was considerably lighter. Try to avoid doing this at all costs or it will result in public scrutiny. This rule also applies for Transformation Tuesday — not all changes are for the better.

The Alcoholic Non-Anonymous

Are you capable of doing anything besides drinking? I mean, I guess you’re capable of posting on Instagram, but do you do anything else with your life besides that? Instagram wasn’t invented to document your nights out. It is important to post more than your new outfit or your drink of choice for the night.

If you feel like you may fit into any of these categories, it’s time to reconsider the way you use Instagram — then watch your follower count skyrocket!

Photo credit: Instagram