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Here's Your Hidden Talent, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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I like to think of the zodiac signs as a team of Avengers, a Justice League of the elements, or the Sailor Scouts of planet Earth, with each and every person as a superhero. Possessing special and unique abilities that can be used for good as much as they can be used for evil, your zodiac sign is merely the descriptor of your fierce power. This is why you need to know your hidden talent, according to your zodiac sign. The world depends on it.

You could be part of the Fire Team, burning up a lively storm everywhere you go. You could be Team Earth, maintaining gravity so you don't float into outer space. Maybe you're Team Air, flapping your wings and teaching the rest of the collective how to fly. If not, you're definitely Team Water, swimming through the deepest trenches of the sea, where the rest are afraid to go. While that might be a fun fantasy my Pisces moon dreamed up, there's no doubt that each sign is equal in power, but defined by their individual prowess.

Whenever you're feeling like you don't matter, like you're not good enough, like the world doesn't need you, remember all the gifts your zodiac sign has granted you with. Read on to find out what they are:



The energy coursing through your veins is immeasurable, Aries. Courage and intensity define every decision you make. You take what belongs to you and you never look back. Your loved ones look up to you and know that following your lead is the best course of action. This is why you make such a great leader, Aries. You wear that crown so well.


Taurus, you're a mastermind of the five senses. This is why when you're in charge of the kitchen, everyone knows that dinner is about to blow their minds. You cook with a fine-tuned understanding of what constitutes a delicacy and every meal you make is infused with creativity and love.


You have a way with words, Gemini. You're able to express exactly what it is you want to say and you identify what the people want to hear. This makes you an excellent, game-changing speaker, as well as a writer that can articulate even the most esoteric concepts. The way you can talk your way out of anything is almost dangerous.


Empathy embodies your whole being, Cancer. You have an insatiable desire to nurture others. Some might even say you're a natural-born parent to all who know you. This is what makes you such a great therapist, regardless of whether you're paid for it. When someone's going through a hard time and all they want is a little love and understanding, they come to you.



Leo, you belong on stage. It's where you're meant to be, it's where you feel most alive, and people adore you up there. If you're not a performer for a living, you should be. Instead of shying away from cameras, you waltz straight up to the flash and strike your sexiest pose. You make people feel like anything is possible, Leo, and everyone gives you endless applause for it.


A Virgo is often the one responsible for the tiniest, most intricate and beautiful details. Whatever it is you're doing, you'll always give 110 percent. Your patience and attention to detail cultivates the most incredible beauty. If I have a project that requires some peace of mind, diligence, and planning, it's always a Virgo I turn to for help.


Your ability to remain impartial and consider all sides of an argument makes you a natural lawyer, Libra. It doesn't hurt that you're also amazingly charming and it's easy for you to convince others of your point. You're able to negotiate a deal that suits your needs with absolute ease and you're skilled in working "smart" instead of "hard."


If there's a psychic amongst the zodiac, I'd bet money that it's you, Scorpio. Your intuition is borderline telepathic and you're always able to see people's true colors long before they reveal them. This makes you an excellent investigator and the fact that you're so set on your goals only serves in bringing you closer to the truth.



You're a big ball of sunshine and positivity to all those who need it, Sagittarius. You can make even the most boring situations fun and your childlike sense of adventure attracts everyone like moths to a flame. This makes you a life-changing motivational speaker or even just the greatest party host that ever lived.


Your work ethic is unparalleled, Capricorn. You set your eyes on a goal, you draft a plan to achieve it, and you stop at nothing until your dreams come true. This makes you capable of almost anything, as long as you want it enough. You don't get distracted along the way either, and it's often a pleasant surprise when you sneakily make your way up to number one.


Your individuality is something of a marvel, Aquarius. You don't care what people think, you don't care what society wants, you are yourself and nothing else. This makes you an epic champion of the underdog and it's often you who's spearheading revolutions and change for the better. You have a vision of a world where no one is judged for being themselves.


Your imagination is an alternate reality of wonder, magic, and amazement. If only you could take all of us on a trip through your mind. The ideas you dream up and the colors you envision are remarkable, making you a stunning artist, in whatever form that may take. Your masterpieces move people to tears.

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