Your Full Moon In Gemini Horoscope Is Here & The Possibilities Are Endless

by Valerie Mesa

We're in the midst of an over-the-top Sagittarius season, all thanks to expansive Jupiter, who is now traveling through the sign of the archer for the next 13 months. It doesn't end there. Your full moon in Gemini 2018 horoscope is here, and its planetary ruler Mercury, is retrograde in the sign of the archer. Need I say more? The fact is, there is a potent lunation headed our way, so it's important that we remain open to the possibilities. In fact, think about it this way, every time there's a full moon, the sun is opposing the moon, right? Well, imagine the sun, which represents the ego, in optimistic Sagittarius opposing the moon, our emotional instincts, in fact-driven Gemini. Long story short, this is a call for balance.

The full moon in Gemini will take place on Friday, Nov. 23, at exactly 12:39 a.m. ET. Remember, a full moon is a culmination, stemming from the effort put in up to six months prior. For instance, the upcoming full moon is basically cosmic closure for the seeds planted during the new moon in Gemini, this past June. Think back to the final days of Spring 2018. What were you working toward? Who were you communicating with? What were your goals at the time? This is your culmination. However, don't expect this lunation to be peachy king, as Gemini's planetary ruler Mercury is traveling backwards, and this can come with a bit of chaos.

Nevertheless, here's what this full moon has in store for you:

Aries: You've Got Big News

You love a good debate, but you're not necessarily the chatty type per se. However, the full moon illuminates your gossip-loving third house of communication, social media, and immediate network, and it's time for a much-needed pow wow.

Taurus: You're So Money

Are you still waiting for that job offer, Taurus? The full moon lights up your practical second house of income, finances, and self worth, and there could be some material gain on the horizon for you.

Gemini: The Spotlight Is On You

You only get one full moon per year, and this one is all you, Gemini babe. What's on your mind? Is there a new project in the works? This lunation lights up your first house of self, and there's a new you coming forth.

Cancer: Your Conversations Are Bringing You Closure

Lots on your mind? The full moon lights up your secretive twelfth house of healing, closure, and rest. This lunation could come with some much-needed closure, and I highly suggest you take advantage.

Leo: You're Standing Up For Your Tribe

Taking one for the team, Leo? The full moon lights up your 11th house of groups, teams, and extended network. Mercury is retrograde, so be careful with contracts if you decide to make a sudden career move.

Virgo: You're Growing Professionally

Is that you, Virgo? Or are those just your CEO dreams coming true? Big things are on the horizon for you, and this full moon is proof that hard work always pays off.

Libra: You're Questioning The Universe

There's more than meets the eye, right Libra? The full moon lights up your expansive ninth house of culture, travel, and high learning. You've got your own philosophy, and that's totally understandable.

Scorpio: Hidden Truths Are Coming To The Light

You always know what's going before anyone else, Scorpio. Speaking of, the full moon lights up your shady eighth house of sex, transformation, and chances are, you could get some much-needed validation along the way. Don't be afraid to speak your truth.

Sagittarius: You're Making Things Official With Your Partnerships

Granted, everyone knows you loathe commitment, but that doesn't mean you can avoid it forever. Whether it be through business or pleasure, the full moon lights up your seventh house of relationships, and other people in general. Closure, anyone?

Capricorn: You're Making Important Decisions About Your Routine

What's new in your day-to-day, Capricorn? The full moon lights up your practical sixth house of health, routine, and responsibility, and your hard work is finally coming to fruition.

Aquarius: This Is Your Performance Debut

Channeling your inner artist these days, Aquarius? The full moon lights up your expressive fifth house of artistic pursuits, individuality, and creativity. Whether is be a steamy romance, or a new art project, you're in for some interesting theatrics.

Pisces: You've Never Felt More At Home

There's something different about you, Pisces. The full moon lights up your cozy fourth house of home, family, and soul foundation, and you're finally starting to feel comfortable within yourself. Remember, being you is all you need to do.