Your Fourth Of July Weekly Horoscope Will Light A Fire Within You

I don't want to sound dramatic, but this will be a Cancer season you'll never forget. You're on the brink of immense and unfathomable growth. Can you blame the cosmos? The north node is also in Cancer, meaning this season is about leaving behind what no longer serves you and embracing the transformation that has been awaiting you. Don't be afraid, because you're more ready than you'll ever know, and your Fourth of July weekly horoscope will bring all your inner strength to the forefront – it already has, and that energy is only going to pick up in the days to come.

The solar eclipse in Cancer took place on July 2 at 3:16 p.m. ET, rejuvenating your soul and bringing you into the future. This solar eclipse happened in place of a new moon, so there was no point in setting intentions during the cosmic occurrence. The universe knew where you were meant to be and evoked change from within you, propelling you forward. You just needed to allow fate to settle around you and trust what's to come. Since this eclipse took place in sensitive, compassionate, and intuitive Cancer, it had the power to reshape the workings of your heart in order to help you get to know your feelings more deeply.

You've already received a boost in creativity and confidence when Mars — planet of combat and vitality — entered bright, colorful, and daring Leo on July 1. This helped you come out of your shell so you could express all the feelings, thoughts, and opinions you'd been harboring. There's so much bursting inside you and it was time to let it loose. Be the person you've always wanted to be and let nothing take you down.

But that's not all: Venus — planet of love and beauty — will intensify the emotion behind your relationships when it enters protective, sensitive, and loyal Cancer. Now's the time to truly open your heart to someone. Don't be afraid of being vulnerable because there's far more to gain than to lose when you risk it all. Find a sense of home in another. Let your relationships be nurtured with love, care, and empathy.

Even though Mercury will retrograde on July 7, I bet you'll be feeling the strange and dizzying effects all week long. Since this retrograde takes place in dramatic and expressive Leo, there may be times where your passion leads you astray, as will your need to be the center of attention. Take care not to say something you might regret later, remember not all moments of inspiration will lead to something, and never forget everyone deserves a moment to shine.


You're experiencing so much change in your home life and family dynamic. Your feelings might shift, as well as your idea of safety and comfort. This week is beautiful for a creative outpour or a romantic endeavor. It's time to look within and rediscover a spring of artistry. Your inner child is waiting for you to reach out and experience joy.


Your mind is absorbing so much knowledge and insight, so let courage give you permission to speak what's on your mind. There could be an exchange of words that changes everything. Your sensitivities are sharp and you're in need of comfort and care. Search within and find a sense of home within yourself. You have everything you already need.


There is a financial revelation just waiting to happen for you. You're realizing just how much wealth you truly desire and making decisions that put you in a prosperous direction. You're feeling even more communicative and brainy than usual lately and delving into all sorts of conversations and subjects. However, take time to look for intellectual connections within.


You're edging closer and closer into a very profound and personal transformation. Don't be surprised if you start projecting a different energy into the world and sensing a shift in your identity. You're feeling luxurious and focused on material gain lately, as well as forging a deeper self-worth. Instead of searching for it in the world, find it within yourself.


You're going through a very personal transformation that may require some alone time. Not everyone knows what you're feeling inside and that's the beauty of being you. Wait for secrets to reveal themselves. You're reaching a deeper sense of confidence and wanting to be more authentic and true to yourself. Trust that you'll find it by looking inward.


The communities you associate with are in question and you're deciding which social causes and groups of people you'd like to associate with. Don't be surprised if your leadership skills arise. Your intuition is especially sharp lately and you're processing some deep revelations arising from your soul. Not everyone gets it and that's OK.


There is a light shining down on you and everyone is noticing. You're about to make waves in your career and move towards the direction of true success. Don't be afraid of recognition. You're feeling more social lately and in the mood to network and connect. You're discovering ways in which you can bring people together, but don't force it just yet.


Your philosophy of life is expanding into something so much more fulfilling and eye-opening. It's time to seize the day and invite unlimited spiritual growth into your life. You're wondering how to see your career in a more positive light and how to invite more success your way. However, know the only validation that matters is the validation you give yourself.


You're on the verge of a very deep and personal transformation. There's no way you won't be able to feel the shift between the last chapter and the next. Tie off loose ends in your life and embrace a new beginning. Adventure is on your mind and you want a taste of something delightful and new. Put the past behind you and set off on a journey towards light.


There's a discovery waiting to happen within your one-on-one relationships. There could be a forging of a new loyalty as well as the breaking of a commitment that's no longer working. You've got depth and desire on your mind. You don't want to be trapped in a relationship without meaning. However, make sure you think this through and don't rush decisions.


Your daily routine is experiencing a shift towards a better balance between productivity and rest. Your well-being deserves your attention and you're dedicating yourself more deeply to your responsibility. You want someone to share in these discoveries with and you're feeling in need of companionship. However, don't make a commitment you're not ready for.


Creativity is flushing over your heart and artistic inspiration is shining its light on you. Dive deeper into romance and fun because you're realizing a deeper shade of your joy. However, you want to make your day-to-day life just as exciting, so you're finding ways to make the monotony more lively. However, don't put too much pressure on yourself.