February Has A Lot In Store For Each Zodiac Sign & It Goes Beyond Valentine's Day

Capricorn's cardinal earth instilled discipline and structure within our hearts, while Aquarius' fixed air sparks unique visions and strategy, for a bright future ahead. This is your February 2019 horoscope, and divine process of creation. What do your goals look like? Which way is north? These past eclipses have quickly propelled us into a new world, where we were confronted by our current reality, and reminded of what needs restructuring. On a brighter note, however, the total lunar eclipse in Leo that took place on Jan. 21, was the last of the Leo-Aquarius series. It was validation from the cosmos that our unique mission in this world has permission to flourish.

You know what to do, and why you're here, my magical stargazers. So, what are you waiting for? On Feb. 3, Venus, planet of love and relationships, leaves adventurous Sagittarius, and slides into serious Capricorn until the beginning of March. Remember, Venus is a symbol of our pleasure and values, but while in the sign of the archer, the goddess of love morphed into a happy-go-lucky goal-digger, with nothing to lose. Many of us were blessed with exciting connections, and spontaneous money-making opportunities during this time. Venus in Capricorn, however, doesn't take risks; it's strictly business.

Venus in Capricorn is here to solidify those impromptu connections, and materialize the opportunities it brought into our lives, so get to work! Moreover, the new moon in Aquarius the following day will spark unexpected changes and bring stellar new ways to navigate unforeseen circumstances. Something else to keep in mind is, Mars enters sensual Taurus on Valentine's Day, and well, all that you've been fighting for during this Mars in Aries transit could finally start to manifest. It doesn't end there, but I'll get to that in your individual horoscopes.

Here's what the stars have in store for you in February:

Aries: You're Networking And Making Stellar Connections

You're socializing, and networking your little heart out this month, Aries. You're solidifying new relationships with your superiors, and fearlessly working towards your professional goals during this time.

Taurus: You're Really Thriving In Your Professional Life

Your social standing is top of mind this month, Taurus. You're set on your vision, and you're not afraid to take risks either. Tapping into your inner child is a must, but make sure you don't lose focus.

Gemini: You're Seizing The Day, All Day, Every Day

Can you see the light, Gemini? You're back to your optimistic ways, and you're ready to take a leap of faith. Your relationships are swirling with intensity, and you're unusually attracted to all things taboo.

Cancer: You're Evolving And Making Things Official

Change is the only thing we can count on, right? You're finally ridding yourself of what no longer serves you. Although, some of those people just might make the cut. You're a rebel this month, Cancer.

Leo: You're Focusing A Lot More On Your Relationships

Your one-on-one connects are top of mind this month, Leo. You're even compromising more, despite your fixed-fire ways. Oh, and you're finally finding joy in your day-to-day life. This is a good look for you!

Virgo: You're Feeling Confident About Getting Organized

You know what you need to do, Virgo. Don't think about it twice, and start working on ways to improve your day-to-day routine. The best part is, you're as charismatic as ever, too.

Libra: You're Starting To Tap Into Your Creativity More

Lights. Camera. Action! You're coming out of your shell, Libra. You're having fun, and you're finally embracing your individual truth, and soul color this month. You know what makes you feel secure.

Scorpio: You're Reflecting On What Makes You Feel Secure

This is your nesting season, Scorpio, so don't be so hard on yourself. You're enjoying your alone time, and you're spending more time with your loved ones, too. Your immediate circle is flourishing.

Sagittarius: You're Making Valuable Connections

You're seeking mentally stimulating contacts, and your social media is buzzing, Sag. You recognize your self-worth, and you're finally mingling with the right people. This is a fun time for you, too. Enjoy it.

Capricorn: You're Being Recognized For Your Hard Work

You've made this far, right Capricorn? The sun is shedding light on all that you've been working toward, and you're finally getting the recognition you deserve. Do what makes you feel comfortable.

Aquarius: You're Making A Good Impression On Others

Happy solar return, Aquarius. The spot light is on you, and you secretly enjoy being center of attention. However, you're also recognizing past-life relationships, and some of you are paying back karma, too.

Pisces: You're Seeking Closure With Your Tribe

You're working behind-the-scenes more, and finally getting some much-needed rest from your daily grind. However, you're also thriving in your friendship groups, and making charming connects, Pisces.