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Your Feb. 17 Weekly Horoscope Calls On You To Get In Touch With Your Feelings


Get in touch with your feelings, because the sun enters Pisces on Feb. 18, flushing the universe with kindness, creativity, and spirituality. Pisces season is a reminder to lower your guard and allow yourself to be truly affected by the world around you. Resist the temptation to repress your emotions and build up a wall of defense. While it's important to protect your energy, it's just as important to let life sink its way into your heart. While all of that sounds intense, your February 17, 2020 weekly horoscope shows that it's beautiful, too. There's nothing weak about embracing your feelings. In fact, it's the bravest thing you could do.

Even though Mercury retrograde is adding a twist of confusion to this week's horoscope, the cosmos are making it worthwhile. On Feb. 20, expansive and adventurous Jupiter will form a sextile to dreamy and transcendental Neptune, sending lightning bolts of inspiration straight through your heart. This lucky and rare transit — which takes place every four or nine years, give or take — encourages you to reconnect with your spirit and go forth with love. If you set your sights on abundance and compassion, it will always show up in unexpected, serendipitous ways. By Feb. 22, both Mars — planet of drive and ambition — and the sun — planet of character and identity — will have connected with revolutionary and unpredictable Uranus. This could present you with a sudden flash of clarity that takes you in a new direction. It could inspire you to regain your freedom or even make a random change in your life. Utilize this excitement and take it for a spin.

The week ends with a beautiful opportunity to forgive and heal yourself when the new moon in Pisces takes place on Feb. 23. When the moon is new, it wipes your slate clean and presents you with a new beginning. Pisces is about reducing the power of the ego, opening your eyes to empathy, and having compassion for others and, more importantly, for yourself. It's also about tapping in to the imagination, reconnecting with your faith, and seeing the world through a magical lens. Let this be the opportunity to brighten your spirit, because the world needs it. When Venus — planet of love — squares off with indulgent Jupiter on Feb. 23, it will only intensify your hunger for something beautiful. Treat yourself.



If you're ever wondering whether you should take care of yourself first, remember this: The world can wait. This life is yours and it belongs to no one else. You came here alone, and you shall leave alone as well. In fact, being alone is where your essence lies. Treat yourself to the indispensable privilege of solitude. You have so much to discover about yourself.


Consider the people you surround yourself with. Do they inspire you? Do they encourage you to fight for your dreams and become a better person? It's inevitable that you inherit qualities from your friends. If you maintain friendships with people that hold you back instead of push you forward, it may be time to finally rethink those friendships.


While your instinct may be to put on an act when people are watching, it only leaves you feeling as though you're lying to yourself. Nothing tastes better than fresh-squeezed juice, so why are you giving the world concentrate? Be yourself and let those who truly apprecate it shine their light upon you. It's the true praise that you've been seeking.


You may be obsessing over the destination to the point that you're forgetting what the journey entails. It may be paved with hard work, tedious tasks, and the need for some patience, but every small success is beautiful if you choose to celebrate it. Let the journey give you just as much excitement. When you look back on everything, it's what you'll remember the most.



It's time to clean out the closet. If you're hoarding your past, you'll have no room for your future. You might even feel imprisoned by the person you've been, as if your memory is preventing you from moving on. There's no shame in cherishing the past, but you're only hurting yourself by continuing to live in it. Try to make way for the new to arrive.


Your perception of the people you choose to spend your life with exists largely in your head. It may be time to confront what's fact and fiction regarding your relationships. Remove your rose-colored glasses and look at the facts. You'll never be able to turn someone into the person you need them to be. Decide whether you can accept them.


Sticking to your routine too closely might be just as detrimental as not having a routine at all. There will always be unexpected bumps in the road, forcing you to take a different turn. Practice balancing flexibility with discipline. Remain too stubborn and you miss out on everything you can learn from having an open mind. There is always more than one method.


You probably have a pretty good idea of what you enjoy doing with your free time. However, you might not know yourself as well as you think. There may be a part of you that feels unsatisfied, encouraging you to step outside of your comfort zone and try something you never thought you'd enjoy. Don't inhibit yourself. Instead, rediscover yourself.



So many of your values and beliefs are inherited from your family, your hometown, and your roots. But do they truly reflect the person you're meant to become? As hard as it is, breaking away from all you know may be a necessary step at this juncture. If you're faced with opposition, stick to your guns. Those who oppose you are revealing themselves. Pay attention.


It's time to come to terms with the effectiveness of how you express yourself. Do you repress your emotions until you burst? Do you overshare when you should keep your secrets? Rethink the information you share, the method by with you communicate, and the people you choose to communicate with. It might just save you from an uncomfortable situation.


Your priorities are reflected in what you choose to spend your time, energy, and money on. Reconsider whether you've been investing in things that truly matter. Imagine your life without something. Is it still just as beautiful? Is it functioning the way it should? You may not need it the way you believe you do. It may be time to release yourself from this contract.


You may be letting certain things define who you are, but they're not who you are; they're how you choose to see yourself. But are these definitions hurting you or harming you? Sometimes, it's better not to know who you are than to think of yourself in a negative way. Embrace the unknown. You are constantly evolving, so let yourself be a reflection of that evolution.