Your Weekly Horoscope Reveals Bumps In The Road, But Here's How To Smooth It Out

Just when you thought the lunar eclipse on Jan. 31 was the last of your worries, your February 12, 2018 weekly horoscope arrives with its own brand of mayhem. A partial solar eclipse on Feb. 15 will likely take all your smooth sailing and turn it into a storm at sea. It’ll feel like the ground beneath your feet is swaying and crumbling, while you’re just trying to get from point A to point B.

Even though you’ll feel its energy disrupting every facet of your life (maybe even dragging you into some unwanted drama), solar eclipses always mark the beginning of a new era. You might let go of some old habits, say goodbye to some people who no longer serve a purpose in your life, or you might even embark on a new journey altogether. In the long run, these changes should make you feel even more comfortable in your skin than you were before and remember, these disturbances always take a few weeks to settle in to place. Change is never easy and even if it does feel like the whole world is against you, the universe always has a bigger plan in mind.

Now, without further ado, let’s find out how you can come out of the other end of this eclipse smelling like a rose:


Since the solar eclipse occurs in your 11th house of friendship, you might find yourself getting sucked in to some drama. Your friends might involve you in a situation you don't want to be involved in or you might feel like it's irresistible not to get involved. Either way, stay aware of your impulsive, hot-headed tendencies this week, Aries, and think twice before doing something that makes things worse.


Prepare for an unpleasant reveal within your family, Taurus. The solar eclipse is likely to cause the truth to slip from someone's mouth and you're not going to like it. Change is something you tend to really hate, Taurus. This week, you should make a lot of plans that you can rely on for comfort. You'll get used to things again once the tension settles.


The solar eclipse is going to mess with your 9th house of philosophy, shattering some of your preconceived notions about who you are. You might feel like you're not living well enough, like you're not going after your dreams, or maybe you'll even feel guilty about the way you've been living. Don't fall into a downward spiral of negative thinking, Gemini. A lot of this is in your head. The best thing you can do right now is journal or talk to a trusted friend.


If you've been keeping up with your horoscopes this month, Cancer, you'd know that lately, you and money aren't exactly on good terms. There's a chance a family member or significant other has been irresponsible with money in a way that hurts you. The problem might also just come from your own lack of foresight. Maybe you've been spending too much or dipping in to your savings too often. This week, you should really sit down and come up with a plan to alleviate your financial stress.


Stock up on nutritional ingredients and meal prep this week, Leo. Take your vitamins, keep up with your fitness regime, and pay attention to your overall health. The solar eclipse has the potential to negatively affect your energy levels and lead you in directions where you won't be kind to your body. Prepare in advance and establish protection for your mind, body, and health.


You're going to feel the shake-ups from the solar eclipse at work, Virgo. Your boss might reveal a whole new set of rules for you to follow, they might want to set up a surprise meeting to talk about your progress, or maybe your favorite coworker will give their two-weeks notice. Regardless, keep your eyes on the weekend and remember that this is temporary. Things will smooth out by Feb. 18, when Pisces season begins.


You're probably having the best time of all the zodiac signs this month, Libra. This week is no exception. Occurring in your 5th house of pleasure, the solar eclipse is likely going to feel like the climax of all your creative energy. You'll feel like anything is possible — too possible. Try not to get carried away with big plans and try not to travel. This eclipse disturbs Mercury and Jupiter in your chart, so let's plan to do that hike across the Pacific Crest Trail some other time.


You and your family are probably going to bicker this week, Scorpio. The solar eclipse will raise everyone's temperatures and it'll feel even more difficult to get along than usual. You're not one to shy away from a good argument, Scorpio, but this week you should be more mindful of what you say. You don't want to turn one silly little squabble into a full blown fight that lasts well into next week.


The solar eclipse is going to make it all the more difficult to get your point across this week, Sagittarius. You and your loved ones are going to feel an instinctual need to fight for what you each believe in, heightening the possibility of clashing values. It's going to feel even harder to relate to each other but once Pisces season begins on Feb. 18, talking through your differences will become a lot easier.


You're hitting your financial stride lately, Capricorn. The solar eclipse is likely going to force you to make some uncomfortable decisions about how you handle money but you'll quickly see results, making you feel happier about your choices. Even if the solar eclipse causes a disagreement or two within your circle, your contentment with where you're going in life will prevent the drama from getting to you.


You'll feel the sting of the solar eclipse in your love life, Aquarius. If you're single, you're likely going to feel even more inspired to change that. If you're in a relationship, brace yourself for some arguments with your S.O. Feelings you've both been repressing for a long time will come to light. If your relationship is strong, it'll only get stronger.


Pisces, the solar eclipse is going to rock your world, especially at work. However, your spiritual centeredness will get you through it. You're enduring some interesting revelations about your connection to the world, about who you are, and that excitement will trump any drama that tries to rain on your parade.