Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & Aquarius Has You Feeling Like The Rarest Gem In The Universe

It's the last week of Aquarius season and it's time to embrace everything that the 11th sign in the zodiac wheel has to show you. Spend this time reveling in your individuality, getting to know your truest self, and being unafraid of opening yourself up to the collective. Your February 11, 2019 weekly horoscope wants you to love everything about you that's strange, weird, and unique. I know, I know. That's not always easy to do, because what makes you different from others is also what society taught you to hide about yourself. Aquarius is here to show you the truth: You are most powerful when you're being yourself.

The determination and courage to stand out from a crowd is only intensified by the fact that bold and aggressive Mars will be forming a conjunction with erratic and unpredictable Uranus on Feb. 13. This encourages you to do something drastic and shocking that truly shakes everything up. When Mars enters Taurus on Feb. 14, just in time for Valentine's Day, you will discover the determination to see your new self-discoveries through to the end. Don't let your outlandishness be a passing phase. Incorporate it into the way you see yourself, because you are so much more rare than you can possibly realize.

Now that Mercury — planet of communication and thought process — is in dreamy and imaginative Pisces, your sensitivities are wide-open, you're feeling more compassionate than ever, and you're seeing the romance of life. The week ends with beautiful and loving Venus forming a sextile with Neptune — Pisces's ruling planet — and your love life will absorb sparkle and flutter with enchantment.


The sun is in your 11th house of community for one last week, so use it to connect with others and gather with a people who inspire you. Now that Mercury is in your 12th house of spirituality, you're seeing things through a dreamlike lens, connecting to your intuition, and in the mood for truthful conversations. Mars is now in your second house of finance, energizing you to make more money and find stability in your life.


It's time for you to make a serious move toward making your dreams happen now that the sun is in its last week of being in your 10th house of career. With Mercury in your 11th house of community, you can network and make long-lasting connections with others. Mars is officially in Taurus, granting you with tons of confidence and a go-getter attitude. You're showing the world exactly who you are.


You need to go on at least one more adventure now that the sun is in its last week of being in your ninth house of philosophy and expansion. Fly away and don't look back. With Mercury in your career house, you're thinking seriously about accomplishing what you desire and showing the world how capable you are. Mars is now in your spirituality house, bringing you a sense of calm and quiet as you investigate your inner world.


You're in the last week of the sun being in your eighth house of death and rebirth, and you're riding the coattails of an intense spiritual transformation. It's a great time to be intimate with someone. You're seeing the great beyond now that Mercury is in your ninth house of adventure and you're feeling stimulated. With Mars in your community house, you're in need of social exploration and a cause to care about.


Focus on your closest relationships because it's the last week of the sun being in your seventh house of partnerships. Open yourself up to love and friendship and settle for nothing less than what you deserve. With Mercury in your eighth house of sex and death, you're feeling more in-touch with your spiritual shadow and seeing the truth behind artificial things. Mars is now in your career house, endowing you with so much ambition.


You have every reason to work extra hard, reorganize, and dedicate yourself to healthy regiments because the sun will leave your sixth house of productivity this week. With Mercury in your relationship house, you're in the mood to cooperate with and exchange ideas with others. You're also in the mood to open your mind, see things differently, and get out of your way now that Mars is in your adventure house.


Do something creative, pleasurable, and childish this week because the sun is leaving behind your fifth house of fun and self-expression. Life it up one last time. Now that Mercury is in your sixth house of work and health, you're thinking about how you can better yourself and improve your routine. With Mars in your eighth house of sex and mystery, you're feeling incredibly in tune with your sexuality and innermost desire.


Enjoy your living space because as of this week, the sun will leave behind your fourth house of home and family. Spend time with loved ones and get as cozy as possible. Mercury is now in your fifth house of fun and pleasure, sparking creative ideas within and a penchant for wonder. With Mars in your seventh house of partnerships, you're on the verge of experiencing intense and energized connections with others.


Have some beautiful, stimulating, and informative conversations this week because the sun is leaving behind your third house of communication. Soak up all the knowledge you can. Now that Mercury is in your fourth house of the home, you're thinking about your most sensitive corner of the world and spending time there. With Mars in your sixth house of routine, you're eager to revamp your daily life.


Do something that makes you feel wealthy and secure this week because the sun is in its last week of being in your financial house. Make some extra cash or treat yourself to a shopping trip. With Mercury in your communication house, you're feeling incredibly chatty and in the mood to learn from everyone and everything around you. Mars is in your creativity house now, pushing you to enjoy the spice of life.


Revel in who you are this week because Aquarius season is almost over. It's time to do something interesting to your appearance or make a change that revamps your growing identity. Now that Mercury is in your money house, you're thinking about making more money and surrounding yourself with splendor. You also have the desire to start cozying up at home now that Mars is in your fourth house of home and family.


Treat yourself to some solitude this week where you can search through your daydreams and embrace your revelations. The sun leaves behind your 12th house of spirituality soon, but Mercury just entered your first house of the self, causing you to begin thinking about who you are and how you make an impression on others. Begin sharing your beauty through gorgeous conversations because Mars is now in your communication house.