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Prepare For Your Attitude To Change In Your December 9 Weekly Horoscope


While the sun may be in wild and free Sagittarius, there's still something dark and shadowy permeating the air. Mercury — planet of communication and thought process — has been in deep, obsessive, and emotional Scorpio for quite some time, which could have given you a case of the blues. Thankfully, Mercury is leaving that mess behind and joining the sun in Sagittarius right at the beginning of your December 9, 2019 weekly horoscope. If you were hoping for a breath of fresh air, this is definitely it. Prepare for your spirits to be lifted and your attitude to change.

Even though all this energy from Sagittarius is asking you to lighten up and live a little, you may be feeling as though matters relating to love are getting more serious. When Venus — planet of romance — blends energy with Saturn — planet of long-term commitment — on Dec. 11, you'll find it easier to forge a relationship that has the power to last. Promises made under this energy are far more likely to be kept and remember: The right partnership shouldn't make you feel tied down. By the time Venus embraces truth-telling and transformative Pluto on Dec. 13, you'll feel a desire for real, raw love. This can tip your relationship over the edge and snuff out a superficial connection. However, it can also be just the right amount of passion and vulnerability needed to seal the deal.

As always, there's an upcoming full moon that's sure to bring you further clarity about the current state of your life. This time, it takes place in brainy and open-ended Gemini, revealing duality in your relationships, business affairs, and thought process. Taking place on Dec. 12, this full moon will feel especially emotional, all thanks to the square it will form with sensitive and deceptive Neptune. Even though your heart may be wrenching, trust that not everything is as it seems. If it seems too good (or too terrible) to be true, it probably is.

However, by Dec. 13, Mars — planet of drive and assertion — will connect beautifully with Neptune. This will align your heart with your soul's purpose and ask you to fight for what you're meant to do. It will also encourage so much creativity and kindness, so let a dose of magic inspire you. No matter what happens this week, you're definitely growing, especially as expansive Jupiter forms a trine with rapidly changing Uranus. There may be unexpected opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and develop in the process. Take a chance.



There's nothing more motivating than a hunger for something larger than yourself. Luckily, you're yearning for new experiences and dreaming of something more. The universe wants to bring you just that. A partnership may be filled with everything you're searching for, and it may be what finally brings you the recognition you deserve. You can learn so much from each other.


There are so many revelations surrounding your relationship with money and material things. You may find you've been placing too much value on such things and forgetting to live life in the here and now. However, there could also be surprising financial windfalls that validate all your hard work. Take this information with you as you embark on your next journey.


You may find you've been sacrificing too much of yourself for someone else. However, you could also find it's time to open yourself up to love in a way you've been avoiding. Strike a balance between the love you give to others and the love you give to yourself. Either way, a sacrifice must be made, so make sure you're ready to make that sacrifice.


You're drawing back the veil and seeing what's beyond the surface. Your intuition is speaking to you, so listen with your heart and your mind. If something feels off, ignore it at your own risk. This is especially relevant to your love life, as something major is coming into focus. You may find yourself drawn to someone who totally "gets you," so be sure to show them the real you.



Your friendships and social cliques are a source of importance for you this week. You may find yourself distancing yourself from or becoming closer with a group of people. May sure they align with your values in a meaningful way. You're learning so much about how to commit to your well-being and care for your mind, body, and soul. You should always come first.


You're feeling all wrapped up in your public image and your career. You may finally be noticed for everything you've been working for. However, you might realize this is not the attention you want and redirect your course. Either way, you're here to create a career that aligns with your creative powers and talents. Find a way to breathe fire into your passions.


You're making so many new friends and meeting important people. They can help you go the distance, but ultimately, this is about you having the courage to do it on your own. The world is yours for the taking and you don't need to wait for anyone. Set aside your doubts and believe in yourself. Align your perspective with abundance and you'll be surprised by how quickly it manifests.


If you find yourself in a dark place this week, there's still so much to feel grateful for. It is in your darkness that you will understand the true meaning of your light; it's also where you will find the strength to step up to the plate and fight for the reality you deserve. Use that voice of yours, because it has the power to move mountains and transform your reality. Make your desires known.



A personal relationship that has long been a source of confusion may finally be gaining some clarity. Don't make any decisions just yet, but let what you're learning sink its way into you. It may finally be going in the direction you desire, so let yourself feel pampered and loved. As for your relationship with your finances, it's undergoing a major overhaul and it's for the best.


You're building some deep and ineffable self-love this week as long as you will it. Whatever you think of yourself has the power to truly alter your affect on the world, so give yourself the kindness and respect you deserve. Self-care is more than just treating yourself, it's also about doing the necessary work to build the life you desire. Happiness sprouts from a commitment to oneself.


Your inner child is reawakening and you may feel swept away by the desire to express yourself this week. Sing, dance, paint, and laugh — the world is a playground and you must never forget that. So many memories are flooding your conscious mind. It's time to make peace with what has come and gone through whatever form of therapy speaks to you.


Your attention is being drawn back to your home and family. You may find that family is more than blood versus water. Family means something very personal to everyone and you have the power to dictate what it means in your life. You may find that your friends feel like family in a way you've never experienced before. Open your heart to people who share your values.