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A New Year & A New You Await In Your December 30 Weekly Horoscope


You're probably feeling an entire spectrum of emotion as you say your farewells to this decade. Throughout it all are beautiful memories you'll cherish forever, each as precious as a rare, special shell you stumbled upon on the beach. However, this past decade was also likely filled with strife, trials, pain, and most importantly, growth. Being human means being lucky enough to experience it all, because change will always bring more growth than you can possibly imagine. But this week is not about the past; it's about the future, and your December 30, 2019 weekly horoscope is here to bring you hope as you make your transition into 2020.

It's as if the cosmos know you're coming up with fresh takes and New Year's resolutions to guide you forward, because on Dec. 30, Mercury — planet of plans — will form a trine to innovative and progressive Uranus. Time to do away with outdated routines, perspectives, and opinions so you can open your mind to something exciting and different. Conversations will be more stimulating, brainstorming will be more fruitful, and you better jot down those ideas because they are flowing. When Mercury later conjuncts knowledgeable and adventurous Jupiter, you'll have the optimism and the energy to bring those ideas to life. Plus, you'll be feeling a bit more lucky than usual. Does your inner critic tend to put a damper on your dreams? When Mercury is conjunct Jupiter, your inner critic stands no chance.

With a first quarter moon lighting up the cosmos in aggressive, passionate, and relentless Aries on Jan. 2, you're receiving the push you need to really drive this new year forward. Put all your eggs in one basket and go for it. Set aside doubt, cast away stagnation, and light a fire that keeps on burning. Aries fights hard for what it wants and the Aries moon is here to fight for you.

By Jan. 3, Mars — planet of assertion and competition — will enter spontaneous, creative, and daring Sagittarius. Feel like learning about something new? Traveling somewhere you've never been before? Breaking the rules and following the beat of your own drum? Mars in Sagittarius is the time to do it. It's clear 2020 is off to an exciting start and this story is beginning with a bang.



You're thinking seriously about your long-term goals and the way your accomplishments are being valued. How can you work harder? How can you put yourself out there? Are you working toward the right things? A conversation with someone in your field could present you with an opportunity that changes everything for the better.


Life isn't about how much money you have or how much you've accomplished. At the end of the day, what you'll cherish most is the memories you create. Do things that will give you a fascinating story to tell once it's over. Embark down a spontaneous path, tap into your imagination, and you'll be surprised by how insightful the journey will be.


You're digging into the bottom of your heart. There are things you may not yet realize about the situation you're in. If you're willing to dig deep and enter unknown territory, you'll find it's probably completely different than what you initially thought. The truth may hurt, but it will ultimately set you free. Don't be afraid of facing reality.


You're developing a more expansive and effective method of communication with others. You may find there's a spark with someone new, setting the stage for a new relationship to blossom. You may be growing closer to someone you're already connected with, taking your relationship to new heights. Make plans for one-on-one quality time.



You're so busy that your routine has likely been derailed, leaving you feeling more disorganized than usual. Luckily, you have the power to create new habits and clear away the chaos. Focus on one thing after another and prioritize your well-being above all. If you're setting aside your health in order to get things done, it will haunt you later.


Have you been feeling uninspired lately? Well, you're in luck because this week, a stroke of genius could get your creative flow going again. Talk to people who show you a fresh perspective, spend time in artistic places, and treat yourself to a good time. Putting too much pressure on yourself won't get you anywhere. Relax and let the beauty come to you.


Feel free to be vulnerable and spend time with people who truly get you this week. You're in a more sensitive state, so surround yourself with love and understanding. You can be an incredible shoulder to lean on and help others through their own emotions thanks to your high level of empathy. Being there for others will cure your loneliness.


You're in quite the social mood, so get out there, infiltrate new spaces, share your ideas, and learn throughout it all. Conversations with others will be incredibly stimulating and your perspective will expand as you listen to others. Get in touch with what you've been trying to say. Your ability to articulate your thoughts and feelings is unparalleled.



If you're having trouble feeling grounded, it may be because you're processing everything cerebrally. Don't get caught up in hypotheticals or what ifs. Instead, connect with your reality in a way that requires no words. Feel the earth beneath your feet, take in your surroundings, and find gratitude in the world you're lucky enough to live in.


You're feeling incredibly energized and powerful, so use this energy to expand your confidence, renew your commitment to plans, and multitask. You can get a lot done, especially if you stay focused. Try to finish projects you start, but don't be afraid of letting a project enter a fascinating new direction you weren't expecting.


You're in the mood for some healing conversations. Wounds from your past may come up again, pushing you to finally talk about what's been hurting you. Engage in something therapeutic, whether that's an appointment with a counselor, or creating a daily meditation practice. You're bound to realize something important.


You're the string that ties your community together. Work with others toward a shared goal. What is a cause you're really passionate about? How can you lead others toward a better reality? This week, you'll be so impressed with the way you can connect with all sorts of people, so use that power for good and you'll be so gratified.