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Your Final 2020 Weekly Horoscope Is Here & It's Eye-Opening


Think back to where you were a year ago. What concerns were on your mind? Who were you spending your time with? What plans for 2020 were you concocting? Chances are, you're in a very different position now than you were then, proving there's never a way of knowing exactly what the future holds. Now, you're on the brink of a whole new year and you're about to endure the last week of 2020. Truth be told, astrology doesn't care about the Gregorian calendar and the astrological new year doesn't take place until Aries season begins. However, 2020 was an especially challenging year, and throughout it all, you've gained strength in a way you may not even realize yet. Let your December 28, 2020 horoscope paint you a picture of how far you've come.

For one thing, you've discovered so much about who you are this year, and this week, you're gaining the confidence to express your newfound uniqueness. On Dec. 27, the sun in Capricorn will form an earthy trine with Uranus, planet of innovation, encouraging you to step into the future and embrace your individuality on a more profound level.

But the real magic about this week takes place on Dec. 29 at 10:28 p.m. EST. This is when the last full moon of 2020 takes place, rising in emotional, psychic, and nurturing Cancer. Let this new moon help you forgive yourself for all the pain you've been carrying and extend that same Cancerian kindness you extend to your loved ones so willingly to yourself. Calm your concern for your outer goals and your desire to win and simply focus on what truly matters at the end of the day.

The energy grows strange and disorienting by Dec. 30. This is when Venus — planet of love and friendship — will square off with Neptune — planet of illusions and fantasies — surrounding your relationships with weird vibes. Instead of feeling confident about the strength of your relationship, you may feel insecure. Instead of feeling like you can trust your partner, you may feel as though you don't know them at all. Try not to make any permanent decisions about your relationship during this time and if you have to have a serious conversation, try to be as kind and reassuring as you can.

However, I would wait until Jan. 1 to have those conversations, because this is when messenger Mercury will form a sextile with Neptune, encouraging empathy, sensitivity, and understanding. Let it brighten your mindset and soften your words. It's also a beautiful time to think about your New Year's resolutions and what you want to accomplish on a spiritual level. Set intentions, meditate, and calm your soul. 2021 is almost here, baby.



This week, you're standing up for your career goals and fighting for your reputation in new and exciting ways. Keep your eye on the finish line and don't get distracted. However, your career requires a nurturing touch right now rather than cutthroat competitiveness. Let love and nurturing lead the way. Let it reveal to you why you're pursuing these career goals in the first place.


Your world is expanding in beautiful ways as your perspective brightens and opens. Feel free to follow paths that were previously unknown to you and entertain new ideas. Be careful of what you commit to. Right now, you're in an experimentation phase. Consider all the many opportunities and possibilities that you have and get a taste of them all. You may even start creating a path of your own.


Prepare to understand your inner strength on a whole new level this week. You have the power to transform, and no matter how hard it gets, your power will always come in handy. However, you might need to work through your attachment issues and codependent patterns first. Believe it or not, you're strong all on your own, even without everything you rely on. You might even be stronger.


A unique and fascinating relationship may be forming this week. You may find yourself drawn to someone who's not normally your "type" only to watch how they help further you along on your own quest to self-discovery. If you have any major tasks, try not to fall behind, because your head may be in the clouds. Focus on taking care of yourself and putting yourself first.



You have the power to banish procrastination and commit to new routines and regimens that bring your focus to near supernatural levels. However, first, you need to reckon with your spiritual well-being, because some problems can only be solved through inner reflection and therapy. Bright and shiny things can be a nice distraction, but they won't look so bright forever.


Inspiration is striking you like lightning this week. Make a point of cultivating your own creative routine and tapping into the artistry of the hobbies and projects you're working on. However, you don't have to work on it alone, because you might find that there is more power in numbers. Feel free to form a team, but keep things as professional as possible and keep your eye on the ball.


You're deepening your relationship with your family and creating your own version of family this week. In fact, you may even feel called to design your living space in some funky, new way as you walk down a different avenue of family time. Leave your home feeling rejuvenated, because you're going to need your strength as you embark on this exciting career prospect you've got on your mind.


Your brain is bursting with brilliant ideas and clever things to say. In fact, you may even feel called to speak your mind on something you've never spoken about before, transforming your perspective of your intelligence. However, don't get so swept up in the details because there's a deeper, all-encompassing meaning to be gleaned. Make sure you read between the lines this week.



This week, you may feel called to purchase something you've been lusting after; something that you really deserve. Take pride in what you own and what you've worked hard to build and think more deeply about how and who you should share that wealth with. If you ever start to feel down about yourself or insecure, make a list of everything you're grateful for and everything about yourself that you love.


Spend this week overcoming your fear of standing out. It's often easier to go by the book and blend in, but you're getting to know yourself and understand who you really are. Why would you ever want to dull this bright shine of yours? Think about what a gem you are and how you fit into people's lives. It's a beautiful week to heal relationship patterns and rethink what you think makes a relationship successful.


Prepare for unexpected insight to rush through you this week. Your intuition may be pointing you in a direction you weren't planning to take, but going against your gut instinct would be doing you a disservice. However, you can't only rely on instincts; you also have to rely on your ability to manifest whatever your intuition is telling you to manifest. Back up your ideas with concrete action.


You're connecting with your social circles in a brilliant new way this week. In fact, you might even find yourself taking on a leadership role and bringing people together in order to bring a shared vision to life. However, it's not just about where you fit in with others; it's also about how you fit in with yourself. Spend time cultivating your own creativity and try not to let fear stop you from playing the game.