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There's A Solar Eclipse In Your December 14 Weekly Horoscope

This is one powerful bang of a week, so prepare for a blast of energy to encompass you the minute it begins. It may feel as though the world is headed for change, and if you're in tune with the cosmos, you might feel the future creeping up on you way too fast. After all, you're in the middle of eclipse season and anything can happen. Your December 14, 2020 weekly horoscope is here and it'll explain everything.

In fact, Dec. 14 is a pretty hectic day in astrology. This is when the solar eclipse in Sagittarius takes place (at 11:16 a.m. EST, to be exact). Initiating a new era, an eclipse always speeds you up toward the inevitable. Activating the South Node (the energy the collective is currently moving away from), this solar eclipse will force you to rapidly sever ties with what has been holding you back from your true purpose. Think of a solar eclipse as an extremely powerful new moon; a new moon so powerful that it can launch a new act in your life. If you were born with your sun, moon, or ascendent in a mutable sign within the degrees of 18 to 28, this solar eclipse will have the strongest impact on you.

Luckily, after the solar eclipse, the week takes a beautiful, relaxing turn. On Dec. 14, Venus — planet of love and luxury — will form a sextile with expansive and indulgent Jupiter, attracting abundance in love and money. Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — will also form a trine with ambitious and passionate Mars, increasing your stamina and encouraging productivity. By Dec. 15, Venus will form a sextile with committed and stable Saturn, setting the stage for serious relationships where both partners are dependable and reliable.

Dec. 15 is also when Venus enters wild, frisky, open-minded, and adventurous Sagittarius, infusing your love life with a spontaneous and exciting tone. It's time to get out of your comfort zone and create new experiences with your lover. Don't be afraid of redefining traditions and breaking rules so that you can create your own. Everyone's relationship looks different and Sagittarius has no problem with looking outside of the box. Let Venus in Sagittarius help you discover what love means to you.

If you thought the solar eclipse was the last moment of drama this week, you're wrong. Saturn is reentering Aquarius on Dec. 17 for the second time, fully immersing you in this next chapter. As a planet, Saturn is concerned with structure, society, authority, and regulations. It's also the planet of karma; a planet that seeks to show you consequences to your actions. While Saturn is in Aquarius — where it will remain until 2023 — it will encourage you to come together with others and build something as a collective. Set aside your concern for your own personal gain and work toward a future where everyone stands to gain something. This week, you're getting a taste of what that future looks like.



You're about to see something in a brand-new light. You're taking a step back and watching how everything comes together; what it all means at the end of the day. The truth might startle you, disturb you, or excite you, but no matter what, it's enlightening you. Even if this next step feels scary, go at it with your whole entire heart. Act now before fear sinks in and you talk yourself out of it.


When you commit to something, you commit to it for the long haul and it's not easy to shake yourself free from it. This week, you're reaching a crossroads, and it's time to divest your energy away from something holding you back and invest in something that will encourage a transformation. Your intuition is sparking to life this week, so listen to your gut and trust in the decision your heart makes.


A relationship may be taking a surprising turn this week. You're letting go of relationships that no longer reflect your needs and accepting relationships that will hold significance for this next chapter. Even if you're overwhelmed by this transition, you're experiencing a surge of social energy, reminding you of how loved, admired, and appreciated you are by everyone in your community.


This week could be an intense one for your health and well-being. The routines and rituals that you live by are at the forefront of your mind, revealing whether you're taking care of yourself or making efficient use of your time. It's a beautiful time to start thinking about any new regimens you'd like to start living by and making small changes that push you forward and help you accomplish your goals.



A romance may be sweeping you off your feet today. You may experience that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling over a crush, leaving you feeling like this relationship will be one you'll never forget. Creative juices are also flowing, encouraging you to play around with artistic ideas and fun new hobbies. Tap into your inner child and remember all the reasons life is worth living.


Your comfort zone is changing, and this week, you might feel extremely vulnerable. What you normally rely on to feel like you belong is changing and you're being pushed to embrace a new normal and reclaim your roots. Don't be afraid of committing to someone on a deeper level or opening up to someone you trust. What you desire is to be known, so open your heart and reveal what lies there.


The world us rushing past you and you're being forced to adapt. Your skills in multitasking and communication are being called into action, so use this time to exercise your mind and embrace the fact that there's always so much to learn. This is a beautiful week to surround yourself with people who have so much to teach you, and if you team up, you'll be shocked by how much more work you get done.


Sometimes the ground has to crumble beneath you before you can find it in you to build an even sturdier foundation. This week, find ways to physically connect with the world and create stability. Financial fluctuations may throw you off balance, but it's all happening for a reason. Get your head in the game and work hard, plan ahead, and stay driven, because rewards are waiting for you.



It's time to accept the fact that you're changing; and not just changing for the week. You're changing for a long time to come, perhaps even embracing a new identity or coming out in a meaningful way. Embrace a deeper sense of personhood and independence. Don't forget to have fun and to embrace yourself. Don't worry about what other people think, because you're meant to do what makes you feel alive.


You're being forced to take a strong look inward. Perhaps you've been ignoring your spiritual concerns or residing too deeply within your ego. Feel free to withdraw from the outside world and take time for reflection and introspection. You may be pushed into a healing journey, so give yourself the rest and comfort you need in order to get through it. There's nothing wrong with taking a breather.


A major shift in your social life may be taking place. You're letting go of one community, possibly even in favor of another. You may feel like you don't belong right now, like there aren't people in your life who share the same interests as you. Be patient, because you're in a powerful position for human connection. Reach out, introduce yourself, and watch how new friendships unfold.


Your career is undergoing a major transition right now. You may be changing your path at the moment, letting go of goals you previously put forth and working toward something that's more in line with your passions. It may feel like failure right now, but as you get back up and try again, you're making the success feel that much more meaningful. Patience is a virtue right now.