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Your August 3 Weekly Horoscope Feels Like A Wild Ride, So Buckle Up


It's Leo season, smack dab in the middle of summer and the vibes everywhere are brimming with romance, creativity, and of course, plenty of drama. With everything happening this week, you'll feel like you're being taken for a ride. Enjoy the ups, the downs, and the thrill of it all, because your August 3, 2020 weekly horoscope will show you new places and introduce new feelings within you.

It all begins with a full moon in Aquarius that will inspire you to tap into your authenticity, gather with like-minded individuals, and do something that makes the world a better place. Taking place on Aug. 3 at 11:59 a.m. ET, this full moon forms a square with unpredictable Uranus, which means there's no way to know how things will go. You may feel a desire for freedom or observe this desire in others, causing drastic measures to be taken in order to sever attachments. Prepare for unexpected realizations to rock your world and a turn of events that take you somewhere completely different.

Later that same day, Mercury, planet of communication and cognitive function, will form a harsh opposition with Saturn, planet of limitations and regulations. It may be difficult to think freely and easily, as you might find yourself thinking yourself into a corner rather than thinking out of the box. If you feel particularly negative or pessimistic, know this transit is part of the problem. However, these negative thoughts may be rising from your subconscious so you can finally acknowledge them and, eventually, work your way through them.

This is a stark contrast to the energy that follows when passionate and aggressive Mars squares off with optimistic and indulgent Jupiter on Aug. 4. Prepare to feel fully engaged with your desires and ready to do whatever it takes to get what you want. You may even find yourself going overboard or becoming self-indulgent, so be careful and remember to be mindful of your limits. As your mind wanders off and your instincts become stimulated, remember to focus on the facts and your boundaries.

There is an energetic shift taking place this week when messenger Mercury leaves behind emotional and sensitive Cancer and enters creative and extravagant Leo on Aug. 4. Venus, planet of love and friendship, will also leave behind chatty and social Gemini in favor of compassionate and private Cancer on Aug. 7. It's time to tap into your heart, your intuition, and your need for self-expression.



You've been feeling flushed with artistic inspiration, and there is romantic energy surrounding you. This week, you're learning how to take that energy and use it to inspire others. Gather with people who truly understand you and share the same vision as you. There may be affiliations and communities you've outgrown, but that only means you're closer to finding the right people.


Private matters have required your attention, and you've been feeling more like canceling your plans to stay inside rather than gallivanting about. However, a spotlight is landing on you this week, and the world is noticing all those talents you've been hiding. Now's the time to step up to the plate and go after all the goals you've been dreaming about accomplishing. Don't be afraid.


You've been getting swept up in the details and getting stuck as you focus on one thing. You may be obsessing over something to the point where you're forgetting to consider the full picture. Do yourself a favor and remember where you've come from, where you are, and where you could be going. There is so much more to the story than you're giving yourself credit for.


You're learning so much about boundaries this week. You want to merge with others; to share, give, and become one with the people you care about. However, you may be losing yourself in the process. You don't have to guard your heart from contact in order to protect yourself. You just need to learn when to say "no." Your intuition will always tell you the truth.



You've been basking in a recent boost in confidence. However, this confidence may be manifesting as "ego" rather than self-acceptance. If you're engaging in silent competitions with others, let it go, because everyone is on their own journey and accomplishing their own thing. It's not always about you, but what you can do for others. It's not a threat to yourself to share what you have.


You may be slipping in and out of a dreamworld, spacing out when you should be paying attention. This week is a reminder of all the things you need to get done. It may feel like a mountain of work that's impossible to tackle, but it all will be finished just as long as you focus on taking it one step at a time. It's a lot easier than you're probably making it out to be.


You've been craving human contact and you've been meeting so many new people virtually and connecting on fascinating intellectual levels. However, this week, it's time to take some of the energy you've been giving others and focus it on yourself. It's not selfish to love yourself. Instead of worrying about the possibility you may outshine others, it's time to back in your own bright light.


You've had your sights set on big things and you've been putting yourself out there. You may be forgetting what lies at home, what is and shall remain private. But true success always begins where no one else will ever see it. This week, set aside your loftier pursuits and focus on the mess that may be lingering in your sacred space. Cleanse, declutter, and nurture your personal life.



You've been thinking so much about the meaning of everything. You've been searching for adventure and rethinking the philosophies you live by. However, there are some details that require deeper consideration before you can come to a result. You may have the instinct to jump to conclusions, but there are so many steps you may be skipping in the process. Go through things with more depth.


There may be many responsibilities and concerns pulling you in all sorts of different directions. However, this week calls upon you to focus on creating stability, calm, and peace. Build a foundation you can work from. Pay attention to what brings you comfort. Everything else will blossom with more sturdiness if you grow it from solid ground. Lay everything down brick by brick.


You may find yourself becoming a different person to match whomever you're with. While it's tempting to soothe the discomfort by adapting to those around you, this week, you're encouraged to stand your ground and be your truest self. You want to attract the people who love you for you, not the people who love the way you reflect them. The only reflection you should look into is your own.


Not all things can be solved with concrete action. There is no "how-to" or "to-do" when it come to spiritual healing. Sometimes, things just need to be felt deeply and given the time to heal naturally and on their own. Give yourself time to simply exist exactly the way you need to. Delve deeper into the images, messages, thoughts, and feelings your subconscious is bringing up for you.