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Prepare For Some Magic, Because Your August Full Moon Horoscope Is Here

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There's nothing more magical than a full moon. All you have to do is gaze upon its bright, ghostly glow in order to understand the magnitude of its power. But in astrology, that power is more than simply something that can be seen or felt. There's an explanation for its intense effect on your spirit and the world you live in. To understand its meaning, let your August 2020 full moon horoscope give you a deeper look into all the mysteries contained in the sky.

Taking place on August 3 at 1`1:59 a.m. ET, this full moon rises in water-bearer Aquarius, the zodiac sign of community, individuality, eccentricity, and independence. Rather than wash over you like an ocean of emotion, this full moon will help you take a step back and take a look at everything from a more rational, objective angle. It will also help you see things not solely from your perspective, but from the perspective of everyone coming together as one. Aquarius wants nothing more than to link arm in arm and create a better future for humanity. This full moon will inspire you to do something selfless, innovative, and genius for all future generations.

However, there may be unexpected bumps in the road before you reach the sense of completion you desire. This full moon forms a square with unpredictable, out-of-this-world Uranus, which creates unexpected change just for the thrill of it. You may feel like exerting your independence and doing something random and shocking in order to harness your freedom. Unplanned opportunities may land in your lap, challenging all your ideas. There's no way of knowing how this story will end, so you might as well let go of your need for control and enjoy the ride.



You may feel drawn to a new set of people just as much as you're sensing a distance growing between you and a group you've been close with. Right now, the people who inspire you and excite you are there for a reason, Aries. Pay attention to the people you feel more like yourself with when you're around them.


Step into the limelight, Taurus. You've enjoyed the comforts of laying low for far too long, but now's the time to see what you're made of. Even if you fail, it means you're one step closer to the success you've been dreaming of. The real victory is getting back up when all you feel like doing is giving up.


You have no idea where you're going to end up. Even the best laid plans can go in a completely different direction, Gemini. Embrace the fact that every new opportunity comes with a new set of possibilities. Open your eyes to the random adventures are given to you, because one of them might make all the difference in the world.


Nothing is meant to last forever, Cancer. And how boring would life be if everything always stayed the same? Take stock of your life and come to terms with something that has finally run its course. Clinging onto it means preventing yourself from growing. Let go and let the future have a beautiful impact on you.



You're thinking more and more about what it takes to have a successful partnership, Leo. There may be someone you're hoping will change, when in reality, you should be opening your heart to the possibility that someone else may suit you both better. People come and go, but your truth will remain forever.


You're in need of nourishment and it's time for you to focus on your wellbeing more carefully, Virgo. Habits are formed overtime as survival mechanisms, but some may be lingering far beyond your need for survival. Let go of habits pulling you down so that you can create space for a routine that brings out the best in you.


You may be talking yourself out of having fun and falling in love, Libra. What are you afraid of? That you'll forget your responsibilities? That you'll get hurt once again? All the best things in life are always a risk. Do you want to live a boring life and never risk anything? Or do you want to prove all your fears wrong?


There is something at home that requires your attention; something that needs to be dealt with or spoken of. Unless you deal with this, Scorpio, it will always haunt you, lingering in the back of your mind. Face the issue head on so you may be free of it and return home feeling safe, rather than worried.



It's time for you to make your opinion known, Sagittarius. You may have been repressing your voice or resisting the temptation to learn more about something, but you can't hold it in any longer. Your voice has the power to make a major impact. Even if you receive some blowback, you'll know you spoke your truth.


You're realizing you require stability, consistency, and commitment in order to blossom and bloom. Let go of the chaos creating discord in your life, Capricorn. Build your foundation with something as strong as brick and in the end, you'll always have something to fall back on. If you do stumble, know your tumble won't be as rough.


You're recognizing that although you want to stay true to yourself, you can't deny all the ways you've been changing and evolving. The world may expect one thing of you, but you expect something of yourself that's entirely different. Who will you answer to, Aquarius? It's time you answer to no one but yourself.


You're being whisked away into a dreamworld, so give yourself time to process everything your intuition is trying to tell you. Healing is a messy process that requires patience, Pisces. First and foremost, you must acknowledge what needs to be healed. It may be time to finally feel everything you've been avoiding.

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