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Your August 26 Weekly Horoscope Is Here & So Is The New Moon In Virgo


It's Virgo season and the cosmos are surging with power and grace. When the sun is in this intelligent, detail-oriented, and problem-solving earth sign, it's time to clean out your life. It may look like a mountain of work, but Virgo asks you to plan out a to-do list and accomplish it one move at a time. Your August 26, 2019 weekly horoscope is here to remind you that when there's a will, there's a way, so think outside of the box.

This week is full of surprises, and thankfully, they're the best kind of surprises. Uranus — planet of rebellion, individuality, and brilliant ideas — is majorly at play and it's flashing a light bulb across your head. It all begins on Aug. 26, when Venus — planet of love and beauty — forms a trine with Uranus. This energy invites new friendships and possibly even a new crush. In any existing relationships, it could be a positive twist that encourages you both to try something new and embrace a fresh perspective of everything. By Sep. 1, the sun, Mars, and Mercury will have each formed a trine with Uranus, instilling you with a desire for freedom and individuality. This is a beautiful week to push the envelope, fight for a future you believe in, and allow unexpected shifts in your plans to take you down a different path. Not only will fascinating thoughts and ideas enter your mind this week, you'll also have the stability to see them through to the end. On Sep. 1, Venus and Mercury will both form a trine with Saturn — planet of longterm commitment and limitations — which will allow you to find some steady ground in your relationships and the projects you're breathing life into.

There is so much power at your disposal this week, especially if you're trying to start something new. When the new moon in Virgo radiates throughout the cosmos on Aug. 30, it's the perfect time to put a practical foot forward. Focus on projects rooted in reality and your physical well-being. How can you improve your health? How can you organize your reality to reduce stress and maximize your efforts? Virgo loves results that are clear and tangible, so form a game plan that highlights each step in your journey towards success.

As I already said, your Aug. 26 weekly horoscope is here, so now's the time to find out what the zodiac signs have to expect:



All those brilliant ideas you've been having? Those dreams you have yet to realize? Procrastinate on them no longer. Now's the time to sit down and just do it all. Think of ways in which you can improve your work ethic and take care of your overall well-being. Your daily routine is incredibly important when it comes to the success you achieve in this life, so refine it.


You're on the verge of a creative reawakening. There may be a new romance in store or an artistic journey that's right around the corner. Give in to all these butterflies in your stomach and let go of your expectations. The most beautiful things can happen when you hush the critic on your shoulder. Instead, experience life in the uninhibited way of a child.


You're nurturing a new home for yourself and taking care of your heart. You might find a sense of family in unexpected people, allowing you to be vulnerable with your feelings without fear. It's time to think about what home means to you. Remember that you deserve a sacred space to return to every day and to be surrounded by people who truly "get" you.


You're feeling electrified with wit and intelligence, prompting you to express your interests and connect with others through conversation. New friends are in abundance this week and by socializing with others, you're expanding your own sense of self. Allow your perspective to remain malleable and open to difference's of opinion. A beautiful idea is in store.



There could be unexpected windfalls this week, as well as innovative new ideas to make more money. Your mindset is geared toward increasing your livelihood and creating a stable sense of self. Remember that you are worthy of everything you desire and you already have all that you need. Let prosperity be your guiding light.


You're shedding layers of skin and surprising yourself. You're not the same person you used to be, and although your past selves all exist within you, it's time to embrace parts of yourself that you never realized were there. There's so much confidence to be forged this week, so don't be afraid of shining because people can't handle your light.


There are so many unexpected revelations flooding your heart this week, so remain especially tuned in to your intuition. Since you're being so steeped in your feelings this week, it's a beautiful time to work on healing from past traumas. You're learning all the ways you've grown stronger from all the pain you've been through. Heal by helping to heal others.


You're feeling especially invigorated by connecting with large groups of people this week. Don't be afraid of immersing yourself in a new community or reacquainting yourself with social circles from your past. Your leadership skills are showing and you're feeling inspired to set a positive example for others. By being selfless, you're loving yourself more deeply.



There may be surprises in store when it comes to your career this week, so stay open to embracing new responsibilities, promotions, and ideas. You have a real shot at proving your competence and showcasing your talents, so let the world watch you at work. Recognition is on the way, so start owning your abilities without apology. Remember the boss you are.


You're breaking free from the constructs holding you back from truly experiencing life. Whether these constructs are self-imposed or established by the society you live in, you're seeing everything in a new light and feeling inspired to break the mold. Embrace spontaneous adventures and opportunities that arise. They may take you exactly where you want to be.


You have a real chance at letting go of debts this week. Whether they're emotional or material by nature, you'll find unexpected opportunities to pay them off once and for all. This is a week where you might also find yourself falling in love or growing more intimate with someone else. You're open to sharing your heart and your resources with someone you trust.


You're teaming up with people you never might have expected this week. Watch out for opportunities to forge a commitment with someone that truly lasts. In any existing relationships, you'll find a new spark that helps you connect in a new and exciting way. Go on a strange date. Try a new business tactic. Let your understanding of friendship develop.