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Your August 19 Weekly Horoscope Is Here & So Is Virgo Season


Has the heat of Leo season been overwhelming? Are you over all the hype and egotistical energy this fixed fire sign tends to bring about? If so, you're in luck because the sun is entering driven, organized, and replenishing Virgo on Aug. 23. Leo season is famous for encouraging passion, creativity, and uninhibited self-expression, which likely reconnected you with your inner child on some level. However, it's now time to get back to work because Virgo hates feeling like they're falling behind. If you're feeling motivated to form a plan and make your dreams happen, then your August 19, 2019 weekly horoscope is here to help you with the process.

But before the sun enters Virgo, Venus — planet of love, beauty, and luxury — will get there first. On Aug. 19, the cosmic love language will officially become "acts of service," as Virgo believes the best way to show someone you care is to do something selfless for them. While Virgos aren't famous for being the most traditionally romantic of the zodiac signs, they definitely have a knack for remembering details and planning ahead. Let this energy help you care for your loved ones on a more practical level and think about how you can work toward more stable relationships. On the even brighter side, Virgo knows all about how effort breeds results, so allow Venus in Virgo to help you accumulate more wealth.

Even if you're frustrated about having to say goodbye to the last astrological chapter, let it be known that the first week of Virgo season is brimming with positivity, growth, and even desire. Mercury — planet of intellect and communication — will form an expansive trine with Jupiter — planet of growth on Aug. 21. Your brain will be sticky and absorbent during this time, so fill it with knowledge, stimulating conversations, and use it to plan your future. It will help you see all the possibilities that lay before you, leaving you with an inspirational electricity. You'll have all the creative energy and passion to catapult your ideas forward when Venus — planet of love and beauty — joins forces with Mars — planet of ambition and vitality on Aug. 24. Not only will this stoke the fire of your sexual desires, it will also make you want to play and have fun. There's no reason why getting your life together can't be an incredibly satisfying and enlivening process.

Here's what the following zodiac signs have in store this week:



This is a powerful week for you to refine your daily routine, make plans for your future, and come up with practical ways to improve your life. There is a swarm of creative energy stimulating your work ethic and there may even be an office romance on the horizon. However, you have the power to learn new techniques and tools this week, so study up.


You're feeling more artistic and expressive than you have in a while, so put your heart into an endeavor that truly makes you feel alive. Get on stage, return to your painting easel, or go out on a date. You can make so many new crushes right now, especially because everyone's crushing on you. Take a break from your anxiety about your priorities and let your inner child come out.


Home is where the heart it — especially this week, Gemini, so invite people over to your casa and share it with people you trust. You desire a sense of familiarity and comfort now, and you might even take things to the next level in a romantic relationship. Your nurturing energy is explosive and taking care of others will bring you so much satisfaction. Discover the deeper parts of your empathy.


You're exceptionally articulate and witty this week, so it's the perfect time to head into a job interview, get some writing done, make friends, and stimulate your mind. People are hanging off the edge of your words lately. You're very good at flirting as well, so you might as well ask someone out or incorporate some dirty talk into your love life. It will really spice things up.



You have an eye for design and luxury this week, so dress well and treat yourself to something that makes you feel glamorous. Everyone will notice. Put your focus on building a life for yourself. Ask yourself what your definition of stability is, because you have so much power to make more money this week. If you put effort into your self-worth, it will shine through you.


Confidence is rushing through you this week, so put yourself first and own your power. You're understanding your desires on a deeper level and you have all the energy to catapult yourself forward. People are especially attracted to you right now, so take part in all the opportunities coming your way. If you work hard, so much growth will result.


Your psychic senses are on high alert and your intuition is flowing with truths. If you experience any gut instincts this week, follow through with them because you're onto something. Tend to your spiritual world this week and protect your energy. This is also a powerful time to heal from any emotional scars you've been hanging onto, as well as manifest a beautiful reality.


Your social life is buzzing with love and positive energy, so get out there and connect with new communities and think of ways you can lead others toward a better future. You have the power to be a strong humanitarian and someone who brings people together this week. Learn from others and don't be shy. You're a social force to be reckoned with.



The universe is putting your career in a very powerful place this week, so go after your dreams and don't be afraid of putting yourself out there. You want to be seen and your accomplishments recognized. This is a great time to learn from a mentor, as well as have an important conversation with a superior. Make major moves and you will be rewarded.


Your vision is expanding and you're seeing a road opening in front of you. Say yes to spontaneous opportunities, seize the day, and don't be afraid of trying something that scares you a little bit. An adrenaline rush is exactly what you need right now. You have the power to make memories this week that can alter and change the course of your life.


You have the power to transform this week. Take a look at the parts of your life that are filled with darkness and trust that you can clear the negativity blocking your path. You can make some serious moves to elevate yourself from the past and become stronger throughout the process. You're even inviting a bit of passion into your love life that will feel so satisfying.


Your interpersonal connections are receiving a positive boost this week, so prioritize one-on-one time. You can get to know someone on a deep level, learn from them, and possibly even forge a relationship with someone. Whether it's love or friendship, you're truly a great person for someone to have on their side right now.