April 5, 2021 Horoscope

The Week Of April 5 Will Ignite Your Inner Flame & Every Sign Will Be Affected


You're beginning this week with sunshine in your heart. After all, on April 6, romantic Venus will form a sextile with passionate Mars, radiating a sexy and gorgeous energy throughout the cosmos. This will leave you feeling ready to partake in all the splendors the world has to offer; to spend time lavishing in the throes of love. Your April 5, 2021 horoscope has only just begun and it's already got you feeling hot and heavy.

By April 9, you might feel withdrawn and disoriented, as though you're having trouble focusing on the here and now because you can't help but daydream. After all, Mars will square off with hazy and illusive Neptune, zapping away your energy and encouraging you to drift off into space. If you feel as though you're walking through a reverie, it's no surprise. If you feel as though your emotions are running haywire, it's completely understandable.

However, try to have faith that you're exactly where you're meant to be at this moment. On April 9, committed Saturn will also form a trine with the North Node (aka your ultimate destiny), encouraging you to think about long-term gratification. All the greatest things in life are built over time, and if you have patience and dedication, there's nothing you can't accomplish. The cosmos are bolstering you on your journey toward self-realization and providing you with a head-start.

You'll feel both supported and inspired by April 10. Mercury — planet of communication — will sextile Saturn, providing you with a logical and methodical boost. This will provide you with consistency and stability as you concoct new ideas and see them through to the end. Venus will also sextile expansive and optimistic Jupiter, infusing your mindset with a joyful and indulgent vibration. Your relationships will feel especially appealing, tapping into your ability to make new friends and flirt with whoever you've got your eye on.

The new moon in Aries takes place on April 11 at 10:30 p.m. ET, launching you into a vibrant and lively era of your life. This new moon taps into the house in your birth chart that it rules by Aries, the cardinal fire sign of passion, bravery, and motivation. This new moon will encourage you to pour your whole entire heart into whatever inspires you. Let yourself tap into the power of Aries as you fearlessly tackle obstacles, climb mountains, and win the game.

However, this new moon takes place at the same time Venus squares off with dark and controlling Pluto. This could encourage your worst instincts in love to flare up, stoking the fire of jealousy and manipulation. There's nothing wrong with having negative feelings. It only means you're human. What matters is how you act on those feelings. If you choose to be destructive, destruction will follow. If you decide to be constructive, your relationships will only be strengthened by your honesty and humility.



You're a fierce competitor and a force to be reckoned with. When you've got your eye on the ball, you become downright unstoppable. However, when you're locked on something that's not constructive, it's not always easy for you to take a deep breath and think twice before acting on your instincts. Consider that the first thing that comes to your mind may not always be the smartest. Learn to embrace the impulses that serve you.


You may find yourself lost in the labyrinth of your deepest and most bizarre thoughts. At times, these thoughts may be brilliant and healing, and at others, they might leave you feeling as if you don't know what the truth is. Don't let fear control the story, because fear will leave you seeing things that aren't really there. Instead, focus on the facts. And if nothing makes sense right now, know that the fog will dissipate later.


You may be totally inspired to get ahead of the game. However, you may not know where to begin. In fact, what you want to achieve may seem as distant and unbelievable as a dream. Remember that your dreams won't come true if all you do is dream about them. Taking concrete action and enlisting the help of likeminded individuals will set the ball in motion. If you feel stagnant, it's important to get up and move.


You may feel a strong desire to be in control; to be the one who has the authority, especially when it comes to your own life. It may not be easy to deal with superiors this week, especially if they don't give you the freedom and respect that you crave. However, losing your cool may not prove anything to anyone. Prove what you can do by showing up and doing the work. Outsmart them by being better at the job than they are.



You're feeling hopeful about the future and prepared to go the distance. You're craving adventure, romance, and all sorts of new experiences. However, it's imperative that you construct boundaries to protect your energy along the way. As you step out of your comfort zone, you will begin taking in the vibrations of other people. Ease your way into them instead of giving them everything you have. Let them prove themselves to you first.


You may feel somewhat disoriented as you navigate your goals and your relationships this week. There may be enemies hiding in plain sight, so be extra cautious when dealing with people who want to lure you into a new agreement. This is a period of change for you as you let go of one thing and pour your heart into another. There's no need to rush into this new era. Allow the shift to develop naturally and with your full confidence.


You may feel like you're falling behind on your projects and priorities this week. Spontaneous interferences may come up, threatening to remove you from the task at hand. Remove distractions and dedicate time to your routine. You may be navigating misunderstandings in your closest relationships, so try to communicate with your heart, not necessarily your head. What is required here is heightened emotional intelligence.


You're craving a love that's enchanting. You're craving a creativity that's intoxicating and transcendent. However, you may feel tempted to embark down avenues that are filled with taboos, possibly even danger. Think twice before searching for magic in the wrong places. Infusing your artistic side with structure and resilience will help you create a creativity that lasts. A softer flame may burn eternally while a blast of fire will only last for a short time.



You may be seeing someone as what you want them to be rather than as they really are. If you find yourself idealizing someone, remember that they are only human and they, too, have flaws. Be cautious of allowing your fantasy to set yourself up for disappointment. However, the real beauty is never totally immaculate or flawlessness. Work on finding the beauty that lies in the imperfections; in the parts that make someone real.


You may forget important information this week or confuse it for something else, so taking notes and listening to directions intently will go a long way. However, you may be dealing with an emotional weight on your chest that's keeping you distracted. Your loved ones may expect you to stay the same even though you've been changing. This week, you may have trouble maintaining the peace, so navigate these complications empathetically.


You may be tempted to leave behind your responsibilities in search of something far more exciting. However, you may end up drifting too far away from planet Earth, and before you know it, you've made decisions that you wish you could undo. Keep one foot on the ground whenever you can. Hidden truths may come up during conversations, however, they may be exaggerated. Take testy exchanges with a grain of salt.


You may be searching for comfort in all the wrong places this week. Home is not necessarily a place; it's a state of mind. Remember that home does not have to be traditional at all, but a sacred space of your own creation. Protect that space, even when people try to convince you to leave it behind. Your well-being matters more than making other people happy and keeping up with expectations that are no longer fair to you.