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It's The Last Week Of Aries Season & Every Zodiac Sign Will Feel The Fire

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The vibes are romantic and sensual as this week begins. After all, on April 14, Venus — planet of love and luxury — will enter its home zodiac sign of Taurus. This will initiate a period of stability in your relationships, a fashion-forward perspective, and a grounded sense of peace throughout your life. You're this close to experiencing the calming energy of Taurus season, but not before you brace for the last few bursts of Aries fire first. That's right, it's the last week of Aries season, and your April 12, 2021 weekly horoscope will help you squeeze the most juice out of it.

This week is a journey filled with twists and turns and it starts to really get going on April 15. This is when the sun in Aries will sextile expansive and optimistic Jupiter, infusing your approach to life with a gentle and nourishing confidence. By April 16, the sun will then form a square with dark and transformative Pluto, tapping into your most ruthless and secretive desires. This energy can feel just as motivating as it feels destructive, so tread carefully. And on April 17, competitive and courageous Mars will form a trine with growth-oriented Jupiter, encouraging you to embrace your hunger for success and excitement.

Your thoughts may also drift to some fascinating places as of April 17. This is when Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — will have a field day. After all, Mercury will sextile Jupiter, which will help you think big. It will also sextile Mars, instilling your voice with confidence and bravado. And to top it all off, Mercury will also square off with Pluto, which may take your thoughts to some taboo territory. This energy is — to put it bluntly — extremely intense. Who knows what kinds of conversations will come out of it? I guess you'll just have to wait and find out.

By April 18, the sun will also join forces with Mercury, activating an incredibly communicative and intelligent surge of electricity. Embrace the power of your intellect and don't doubt your ability to make sense of your thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Here's how each zodiac will make the best of this week's cosmic cocktail of energy:

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You may spend this week feeling like you need to prove yourself one way or another. If you feel as though you're being overlooked or underestimated, this could lead to some desperate measures that truly don't need to be taken. You're powerful and dynamic enough as it is, all on your own. If you fear that you're not being noticed, perhaps it's because you're not noticing yourself. Take time to acknowledge your strengths.


Your thoughts could take you to some dark and mysterious places this week. In fact, you may feel surprised by some of the unsettling things your mind dredges up from your subconscious. Although it may feel uncomfortable, the process is ultimately a healing one. And even though there is darkness involved, there is so much power. After all, it was though your difficult experiences that you built your character. Embrace your resilience.


There may be power struggles amongst your friends and colleagues this week. You may even be comparing yourself to the rest of them and wondering what they have that you don't have. However, you may fail to recognize that they're most likely feeling the same way about you. Break the cycle and judge yourself based not on what other people do, but on what you're doing right now. The only person you're competing against is your former self.


You may stumble upon adversaries and antagonistic forces as you work on pursuing your goals. At times, this may leave you feeling discouraged. At times, it could leave you feeling more motivated than ever. However, it's important to remember that the closer you get to reaching the finish line, the harder it feels. It's only at the end of the race that you feel sweatiest and thirstiest. Embrace the suck. You're almost there.

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You may feel like your tasks are mounting against you and constricting you. Even though your desire may be to step away from what you know and expand your mind, your responsibilities keep holding you back. However, if you're looking for an escape rather than a solution, you may continue to feel as though you're being chased after. The longer you run from your problems, the more terrifying they may seem. Eventually, you need to face the beast.


Desire is a strange thing, and oftentimes, it's the thing you know you're not supposed to want that you want most of all. This week, you may be in a battle with your desires. In fact, you may teeter between trying to repress them and trying to giving in to them. However, if you infuse your passion with structure, you not only can harness your desire, but transform it into something meaningful. Desire makes you feel alive, but sustaining that desire over time takes work.


You may be struggling to find harmony and peace in your relationships this week. In fact, other people's expectations of what your relationships should look like may be affecting your ability to see your relationships clearly. Remember that at the end of of the day, your relationships are your decision. Only you can know what's best for you. However, taking people's advice consideration, even when it's hard advice, shows that you're ready to see the truth from all sides.


Words only matter so much. It's your actions that support the significance of what your words mean. And this week, you may feel like wielding your words in a way that grants you more power. But as long as you use your words as weapons, the less they may be respected or taken seriously. Think of your words as having value that you don't want to deplete. Think of them like precious jewels you would like to preserve at all costs.

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This week, you may be chasing something beautiful and transcendent. Whether you're chasing a feeling of love or a feeling of creative rejuvenation, it may encourage you to take drastic measures in order to discover that passionate feeling once more. You don't want to lose your grip on what's stable and reliable because you exchanged it for something that's fleeting. Embrace the fact that while things may be temporary, it's also what makes them meaningful.


You may be struggling to exert your independence and your freedom this week. The person you've been in the past and the place that you come from may feel difficult to shake off. However, while your previous selves will always be a part of you, they will never hold power over who you will become; not if you don't let them. This week, work on forgiving yourself for who you've been as you gently embrace the honest truth of who you are now.


You may be tripping into unexpected truths this week. Secrets may reveal themselves, forcing you to reckon with the fact that things may not be as they seem. However, just because the truth hurts doesn't mean that you can't heal from becoming aware of its knowledge. There are always dark truths lingering just behind the facade. Find freedom in the power of knowing. Learn to face reality so that it can't be used against you later.


Other people may threaten to disturb your peace this week. You may let the comments and opinions of others disrupt your sense of self, leaving you with insecurities and uncertainties you may not have had before. Relying on external validation can only get you so far. Building your identity and your confidence all on your own is a far stronger support system. Make it so indestructible that it doesn't matter what anyone thinks.