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Inevitable Change Is Coming In Your Hunter Moon Horoscope


Ready yourself, because a moment of spiritual culmination and inevitable change is about to arrive. Astrologically speaking, a full moon is when your subconscious truth floats to the surface, where it can no longer be denied. This energy can feel overwhelming, emotional, and intense, but it's all bound to point you in the right direction. To give you an idea of where you might be headed, your 2019 Hunter Moon horoscope has got you covered.

Taking place on Oct. 13 at 5:08 p.m. ET, this full moon lands in passionate, unstoppable, and competitive Aries. Instilling within you the desire to conquer your goals, own the contents of your heart, and go where you've never gone before, the Hunter Moon could not be more appropriately titled.

Forming an exact trine with expansive and out-of-this-world Jupiter, this full moon will be far from subtle. Sparking immense growth and exaggerating your feelings, it will likely be an experience you won't forget. However, as it also forms a square with karmic Saturn and dark Pluto, you may feel as though you're having trouble getting motivated. Showing you where you need to step up your game and revealing roadblocks you must overcome, this full moon requires you to be very practical and serious about your goals. But you should also expect a few shakeups in your relationships and finances. As romantic Venus forms an opposition with unpredictable Uranus, you may feel a desire to exert your independence and protect yourself from emotional attachment. Let this reveal something exciting and new about yourself, and try to be patient with others instead of overly controlling.

Here's how the Hunter Moon will affect each zodiac sign:



Now's the time to come to terms with the person you're becoming. Don't compromise your true feelings or suppress your authenticity to fit in. Let go of imprisoning mindsets that leave your identity stagnant and unchanging. Allow yourself to evolve, regardless of whether people like it.


Wounds from your past may be demanding your attention. Instead of suppressing them even further, allow yourself to feel the pain of everything that has still been left unsaid. Freedom and closure are gained by facing your feelings head on. You'll be surprised by how quickly you'll heal.


You may be coming to terms with a shift in your social circles. It could be time to give yourself space from friends who don't serve your highest self, or you may be called to a new set of people who inspire and understand you in new ways. Embrace your ability to be the glue that brings everyone together.


Something groundbreaking is coming together in your career. You may realize that you may be going down the wrong path. You may even feel validated in all your hard work. Everything is about to become more clear. Success is on the horizon, and your newfound wisdom will help you get there.



You may be feeling as though you're not living your life to the fullest. You may realize you're spending too much time focusing on the wrong things or playing it too safe. Let this be a sign you should open your heart to wildness. There's so much to be learned from trying something different.


If you're still attached to something that's draining your energy and no longer bringing you abundance, it's time to cut the cord. Letting go of something you've put a lot of work into is never easy. In fact, it's a form of death. But rebirth is on the way, so let these changes strengthen your soul.


There may be shifts in your closest partnerships, so if you feel threatened or powerless, do your best to let the chips fall where they may. Exerting dominance over someone else may push them away even further. Likewise, pushing someone away may push them away for good. Process your feelings.


There may surprises at work or a health crisis that requires your attention. All of these shifts in your daily routine are here to highlight the ways in which you haven't been sorting through your priorities. Understand that even the smallest decisions can impact your life over time, so choose wisely.



A creative awakening may be coursing through your veins, so let this raw energy compel you to do something artistic. You might have revelations about a romantic affair, or realize all the ways in which you've been suppressing your need to have fun. Let your inner child do the talking.


There may be unresolved issues relating to matters with your family that require your attention. Face these conflicts with patience and understanding rather than going on the offense. Your home life may be shifting, and a turning point could take place. It may be time to relocate or redesign.


Transformative information is being received through the many conversations you're having. You should never be afraid to express yourself, nor should you be afraid of asking questions. It's time to understand the ways in which you've been hindering your own learning abilities.


Financial matters are coming to light. It's time to deepen your perspective of the amount of money you deserve to make, and to recognize all the abundance already present in your life. Come to terms with how you can create a more stable lifestyle for yourself — one that you can grow from.