If You Watched 'Russian Doll,' You'll Be Thrilled About The Latest 'You' Casting News


Two of the buzziest new Netflix shows are about to come together in the second season of You. Now that the stalker drama has made the jump from Lifetime to Netflix, it is wasting no time in meeting its new family. That includes adding one of the stars of Russian Doll to its cast. You Season 2 cast Alan from Russian Doll to recur in the series, Deadline has revealed. Thankfully, Alan is used to dying all the time, so meeting Joe Goldberg should just be another ordinary day.

Charlie Barnett is the latest new addition to the upcoming second season of You, which will also be the show's first season as a Netflix Original. Of course, Netflix addicts already know Barnett from the streaming service's recent hit series Russian Doll, which starred Barnett as the neurotic Alan, a man tortured to continually relive the day that his longtime girlfriend rejects his proposal and breaks up with him. As if he has not been through enough torture as Alan, now Barnett will be thrown into the stalker-ish psycho-drama of the murderous Joe Goldberg in You.

In the upcoming second season of You, Charlie Barnett will play Gabe, who is described as a successful acupuncturist and psychedelics aficionado who live his life to the fullest in Los Angeles. From that description, it sounds like Gabe will be giving us a lot of the new age, natural healing, quasi-hippie vibes that are becoming more and more associated with the trendy L.A. lifestyle. Oh, right, and in case you did not already get the memo, the new season of You will be set in L.A. instead of New York, following Joe's move across the country to escape his murderous past in New York.

There is actually more to Charlie Barnett's character than just his acupuncture skills and passion for psychedelics — Gabe is also described as the best friend of Love Quinn, who is Joe's new love interest in Season 2. Love is described as an aspiring chef who eschews social media and immediately hits it off with Joe after sensing that he understands her grief. She will be played by Victoria Pedretti, another fellow Netflix star who played Nell Crane in The Haunting of Hill House. Since Gabe is Love's best friend, it sounds like he may be the one trying to find out more about Joe... which we all know did not turn out great for Season 1's resident bestie Peach Salinger.

Gabe is just the latest of a whole cast of new characters that have been announced for You Season 2. There is also James Scully as Love's smug and co-dependent brother Forty, Jenna Ortega as the mischievous teenager Ellie, and Chris D'Elia as a comedian who wear designer clothes. Since the new season transplants Penn Badgley's Joe Goldberg to an entirely new city, it makes sense that the show would need a whole new cast of characters. Sadly, this also means we probably will not be seeing many characters from Season 1 aside from Joe.

You Season 2 began filming last month, and a release date has not yet been announced.