'You' Season 2 Just Cast 2 New Characters Who Are Definitely Going To Ruin Joe's Life


Joe Goldberg is going to have a whole new cast of characters to stalk in the second season of You... or actually, they may be the ones giving him a taste of his own medicine. Netflix just cast two new characters in the upcoming season of the psychological thriller smash You, and from the descriptions of these newcomers, it sounds like Joe is in for trouble. Get the scoop on the You Season 2 cast of new characters right here while you wait for the new season to arrive.

The most important thing to know about Season 2 of You is that it involves a major move for Joe, so could mean that not many (if any at all) of the core characters from Season 1 will likely appear for much of the new season. Just like in novelist Caroline Kepnes' sequel to You, called Hidden Bodies, Joe Goldberg will relocate from New York to Los Angeles in Season 2, which of course also means that he will become tangled up in a whole new cast of characters.

The biggest new addition is Joe's new love interest. Netflix revealed that Victoria Pedretti, who starred as the tortured younger sister Nell in The Haunting of Hill House, will play an aspiring chef named Love Quinn in Season 2 of You. Her character is described as a woman who eschews social media, seemingly making her an antithesis to Season 1's Beck, and bonds with Joe over shared experiences with profound grief.

As if Love Quinn's introduction was not enough to get you curious about You Season 2, the show also just revealed two more new cast members. James Scully (Heathers) has been cast to play Love's brother Forty Quinn, a smug and opinionated charmer who is overly dependent on his sister as he works through a 12-step program. Obviously, it sounds like Forty is going to be a problem for Joe in getting closer to Love.

And Joe is in for even more trouble from Ellie, a teenager forced to take care of herself in the city. Living on her own with minimal supervision or help, Ellie is not hesitant to get involved in some shady mischief in order to support herself. In the new season, we will see Ellie pull a con on Joe. Ellie will be played by Jenna Ortega (Jane the Virgin).

These mischievous new characters will be a major change for Joe from the people he dealt with in Season 1. Joe did not have too much trouble stalking and lying to the somewhat naive and trusting Beck, but his cyberstalking skills won't do him any good with a woman who does not use social media. And although Beck's bestie Peach was suspicious of Joe, it sounds like Forty and Ellie are going to be much more confrontational challenges for him.

There is still no word on when fans can expect Season 2 of You to begin streaming on Netflix, but showrunner Sera Gamble did recently say that the team is currently prepping the new season to begin filming later in February, so it sounds pretty promising that Season 2 will premiere before the end of 2019.