You Can Buy This Rosé Through Venmo & It's Almost Too Convenient

Aside from glitter beer, every flavor of La Croix, and CBD lattes, one of the hottest beverage trends of 2018 is rosé cider. Boasting subtle hints of flowers and notes of apple, rosé cider is simultaneously refreshing, tasty, and most importantly, aesthetically pleasing (I mean, really, it's bright pink!). Now that you can buy Anyday Rosé through Venmo, you better believe I'll be drinking rosé (cider) all day, everyday. Let the sipping officially begin.

Generally, alcoholic beverages can be purchased with cash, debit cards, or credit cards (upon presenting your ID, of course). But Anyday Rosé is unique in that it's not only available for purchase online through the brand's website, but also through Venmo, per a press release. It's true: you can now use Venmo beyond paying your roommates for utilities and reimbursing that dude who bought you pizza last weekend, and I'm seriously shook. This is groundbreaking.

According to a press release, Anyday Rosé is the first wine brand in the beverage market to accept Venmo transactions, and it's the most convenient thing I've lived to see. You'll finally be able to buy your favorite pink drink with the click of a button (as long as you have the Venmo app). It's so ideal. Just think about it: no wallets, giant wads of cash, or soul-selling is necessary.

Anyday Rosé

Anyday Rosé is conveniently packaged in a can — another wine trend these days — and it caters to pretty much anyone in the market for a tasty on-the-go drink. According to a press release, the fruity beverage was created by former NFL player, Pat McAfee from the Indianapolis Colts, and Louis Roberts from Barstool Sports. The two sports enthusiasts teamed up with winemakers Andrew Jones from Tin City Cider, and Michael Zinke of Zinke Wines. They decided to hop aboard the rosé cider boat because it's a growing trend and a millennial favorite, and what better way to cater to millennials than allowing for Venmo payments? It's genius, if you ask me.

The rosé itself is made in in Paso Robles, California, and it blends 85 percent cider with 15 percent rosé wine, per the press release. It contains an impressive alcohol content of 6.9 percent, and comes in 375-milliliter durable cans. If you're merely looking to try it out, you can buy an 8-pack for $32 or a 24-pack for $84. Once you decide that you're totally and utterly obsessed with it, you can snag a 96-pack for $312, or even a 365-pack (which I might honestly need) for $1,200. #WorthIt.

In a press release, McAfee explained that Anyday Rosé is a super versatile product that can be enjoyed any day of the year (drink responsibly, though). He also says it caters to men and women alike, which is why they believe it stands out from other rosé cider products.

In the release, McAfee said,

We’ve developed an incredible product that I’m very proud of - a versatile drink I can enjoy with my friends any day of the week, any day of the year. I’m excited to launch this product alongside all-star content and commerce teams and continue my entrepreneurial career.

Don't get me wrong — Rosé cider has definitely made it to my list of top favorite drinks in the past year. But now that I can buy Anyday Rosé with the click of a freaking Venmo payment, it's pretty much everything I could ever ask for. I know after I give it a shot, there'll be no looking back — and you better believe it'll be fueling all of my beach days, rooftop parties, and park outings this summer. Happy sipping, and, of course, merry Venmo-ing.