Yankee Candle Released Its First-Ever Scent Of The Year & It's The Mood (& Scent) You Want In 2019

Courtesy of Yankee Candle

For a candle company that has been a household name (and fragrance) for the past 50 years, it's kind of surprising that, up until now, Yankee Candle hasn't come out with a scent that truly defines each year. That is, until this year, when Yankee Candle's Scent of the Year made its debut as the first-ever "scent of the year" for any candle company.

To celebrate their 50th year in the business of making everyone's homes smell a heck of a lot better, the candle brand has decided to release their first ever scent of the year with their One Together candle, which it shelves on Jan. 22.

To come up with the One Together scent, the home fragrance company worked with a panel of trend forecasting experts in the food, wellness, relationships, and pop culture fields to come up with an idea for a scent that will define the year 2019. And according to a press release from Yankee Candle, the panel landed on the idea of "One Together," as the candle's fragrance embodies "a trend that revolves around the human desire to express individuality while remaining connected to and embracing the diverse world around us."

Basically, the aroma that comes from the candle when it is lit symbolizes the idea that, in today's society, we as humans strive to celebrate our originality while still balancing our desire to relate to and belong in the world around us. And if that doesn't accurately describe life in the year 2019, then I'm not sure what does. (I mean, maybe that egg beating out Kylie Jenner for the most likes on an Instagram post might also help define the year 2019, but I digress.)

As mentioned, the SOTY goes on sale Tuesday, Jan. 22, in store at all Yankee Candle retail locations and online at Yankee Candle's website. But there is a catch: If you want in on the first-ever, year-defining scent, you'll want to act fast, because the One Together candles will only be available while supplies last. Luckily, the candles are still in stock on Yankee Candle's site as we speak.

The One Together candle is available in two different jars: the Large Two-Wick Tumbler and the Large Classic Jar. Each 20-ounce candle is housed in an off-white jar with a gold lid, typically burns for 75 to 110 hours, retail for $30 each (the same price as all other scents that come in those jars).

As far as the scent itself goes, the fragrance boasts sweet yet woody notes that aren't at all overpowering. Basically, it's definitely what you want your home to smell like. Trust me. I was lucky enough to receive a sample of the One Together candle before it was released, and my apartment now smells like a fresh, sweet field of flowers, thanks to the fragrance notes of miracle flower (a scent never been used in any other Yankee candles), mandarin, nectarine, citrus, sandalwood, and amber.

Essentially, if you're someone who follows the yearly trends, purchasing a new wardrobe every time the Pantone Color of the Year is released or you dyeing your hair the second the projected hair colors of the year surface — or you just really love candles that look super chic and smell even chicer (same) — you'll want to cop Yankee Candle's first-ever Scent of the Year fragrance ASAP.