9 Texts To Send Your Partner If You Want To Compromise, But Are Struggling To Do So

If you're tired of your partner always choosing the restaurant or if you can't seem to agree on which apartment will make the perfect first shared living space for you, remember: Every good relationship requires compromise. No matter how long you've been dating, it's not always easy to know how to compromise in a relationship. Ensuring that you and your boo both feel heard, validated, and supported is no easy feat, especially if you're making some major life decisions. Compromise can't always guarantee a win-win situation, but it sure can help find some healthy resolution when dealing with some conflict in your relationship.

In a 2015 study by the Pew Research Center, it was speculated that 97 percent of smartphone owners texts regularly. Chances are, you and your partner communicate with your phones pretty frequently, from sending funny memes to leaving sappy voicemails. If a major compromise is on the horizon, it may feel impossible not to text your partner about how you're going to handle it.

If you're wondering how to instigate a talk about compromise with your partner, here are nine texts to send to get the conversation rolling and lay the groundwork for finding some healthy compromise.

It's OK To Not Be OK
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Sometimes, the hardest part of reaching a comfortable compromise with your partner is checking in with what you really want and how you're really feeling. It's OK to be upset about something your partner did and it's healthy and important to be able to express when you're upset. Knowing where you stand can be the first step to making a compromise that works for everyone.

Make It Work
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Relationships conflicts can arise from someone saying they're OK with something they're not really OK with, like still hanging out with your ex, or only having date nights once a month. It's natural to change your mind about things, but it can be important to have regular check-ins about where you stand, especially when it comes to sex. Just because something was OK once doesn't mean it will be forever. Before resentment or anger starts to settle in, try expressing how you're feeling to your partner and figure out how you can both find some healthy compromise.

Find Out What's Important
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If there's something you're not willing to negotiate with your partner, like your personal career goals or spending time with your friends, it's OK to let your feelings be known. Compromise doesn't need to mean that you change your priorities, but it can mean that you and your boo have some serious conversations about how to work around the things that are important to you.

Feel Seen And Heard
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Healthy compromise means everyone feels seen and heard. Making space for your partner can mean setting aside time to speak with them or being mindful of letting them finish their thoughts when they speak to you. Offering to treat for dinner or tea can be a sweet way to show them you care about them and the relationship and are willing to have an open discussion about any conflicts you're facing.

Be Honest
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Finding compromise means being open and honest. Establishing that your relationship can be a safe place for you and your partner to speak your minds and be clear with your needs can help in finding the best ways to support each other. If you feel your texting conversation is getting a little heated, sometimes turning to a phone call or postponing the talk until you can meet in person can help make sure everyone is heard as they want to be.

Talk It Out
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Texting isn't always the best way to have big conversations. Keeping it short and concise, and stating that you need to have a big in person talk can help to make conversations about compromise run smoothly. Give your partner time to collect their thoughts and to have the ability to say when they are read to talk it out can really demonstrate that you respect them and want to hear where they are coming from.

Take Time to Think
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Sometimes, the best practice in finding compromise with your partner is to take some time to think about what you need and want. Stating that you are not OK with how something went, or that there is a conversation that needs to be had can be good in letting your partner see where you are. Taking time to collect your thoughts can be a great practice in ensuring you don't say something you don't mean, or don't rush into something you don't fully agree with.

Be On The Same Page
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If your tone is getting lost through the texts, having a conversation about compromising can prove to be difficult. Moving the conversation from text to phone call can ensure that you are being heard the way you are meant to be. Stating that it's important to you that you and your partner both are on the same page can set good groundwork for finding a compromise.

Find Comfort
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Compromise can essentially mean finding a way to make both yourself and your partner comfortable with a decision. Stating that you care about them and their needs prioritizes their comfort in finding a solution that works for you. Validating that you hear them and want to find a way to work out the conflict makes space for them to express their perspective.

Compromise is a big part of any relationship. If you're trying to reach compromise with your partner, try directly expressing your feelings and making space for them to do the same. You deserve open communication and support from your partner, and that is something that never needs to be compromised.