Bad Winter Solstice

These Zodiac Signs Will Probably Feel Blue During The Winter Solstice

by Valerie Mesa

There's something undeniably grim about the winter season, but this year's winter solstice will be accompanied by a highly anticipated event that hasn't happened in over 600 years. Sounds extraordinary — and it is — but winter solstice 2020 will be the worst for these zodiac signs: Gemini and Leo. If you have personal placements in either of these signs, don't stress. The moon's aspects have a lot to do with the "vibe" of the day, but there's a lot more to come.

Happening on Dec. 21 at 5:02 a.m. EST, the winter solstice marks the day with the least amount of daylight, and longest period of darkness in the Northern Hemisphere. A seasonal portal leading the collective toward a brand-new cycle, our ancestors would prepare for this time of year for months at a time, given the harsh weather conditions and lack of sustenance. Naturally, this isn't something we typically worry about nowadays, but even still, the moral of the story remains.

The winter is a season of death and renewal; it's a time to become more acquainted with the darkness within and all around you. Naturally, this sounds like a lot of pressure, but it's our divine duty as spiritual beings to be the light in the dark. If there's one thing this season never ceases to instill in all of us, it's hope. Remember, the sun will come out tomorrow and shower you with its majestic light and warmth.

Interestingly enough, having faith in what the future holds and persevering toward your long-term goals very much aligns with the essence of Capricorn season, which also kicks off on this day. As you know, Capricorn is incredibly ambitious and pragmatic, as it is the last earth sign of the zodiac. Its symbol is depicted as the goat climbing the mountain, hence its serious demeanor and ruthless determination.

What's even more serendipitous about this day is Jupiter and Saturn will meet in the sign of Aquarius for their Great Conjunction for the first time in over 600 years. Also known as the "Age of Aquarius," this cosmic occurrence marks the beginning of social and political change. It foreshadows the emerging of a newborn civilization and the rise of visionaries, mystics, and prophets.

Open your heart and reflect on the lessons brought to you by Capricorn season, this is an opportunity for you to tap your inner humanitarian and ideals. Having said that, here's why the winter solstice could be overwhelming for Gemini and Leo:

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Gemini: You're Reaching For The Stars But You're Concerned With Prior Commitments

This is your season to evolve, Gemini. The winter solstice marks the first day of Capricorn season, along with the sun's annual journey through your shady eighth house of intimacy, transformation, and psychological experiences. Though this isn't your first rodeo, it's never an easy transit for the sun, but today's moon will also light up your ambitious 10th house of career, so you will also be preoccupied with professional matters today, simultaneously.

On a brighter note, Jupiter and Saturn will join forces in your adventurous ninth house of faith, media, publishing, entrepreneurship, and personal philosophies. From now until the end of 2021, themes revolving around your version of the "truth" will be top of mind. It's time to explore other horizons and take a leap of faith.

Leo: You're Overwhelmed With Responsibility And Stressing Things You Can't Control

Hang in there, Leo. These vibes aren't going to last the entire season, so push through the first day of winter and focus on the future. In addition to the sun making its annual debut in your orderly sixth house of responsibility, health habits, and daily routine, the moon will also touch down on your shady eighth house of mergers, transformation, and intimacy, so your feelings will probably be deeper than you're comfortable admitting.

If you're already coupled up, today's kick of The Great Conjunction will shake up your committed seventh house of one-on-one relationships, significant others, and other people, which will become a pivotal theme throughout December and 2021. More importantly, this is an opportunity for you to break free from relationships you've outgrown, or perhaps no longer inspire you. Whether it be romantically or professionally, it's time to level up and revolutionize your idea of partnerships.