'The Craft 3' may happen after 'The Craft: Legacy' set up a cliffhanger.

Here's How 'The Craft: Legacy's Ending Sets The Scene For Another Sequel

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Alert your coven, because it sounds like another new The Craft movie could be on the horizon following the release of The Craft: Legacy. The recent sequel to the 1996 teen horror classic ended with a cliffhanger that definitely seemed to tease there will be more to the story, and now writer/director Zoe Lister-Jones is opening up about whether there will be a The Craft 3. Here's what fans can expect from a possible follow-up movie:

Much like the original cult classic, 2020's The Craft: Legacy centered on a group of four high school outcasts who discover they have magical powers when they come together. It's not a remake, though. The new movie is actually a sequel to the 1996 film, which becomes much more apparent towards the end. The ending was actually a pretty major cliffhanger, which seemed to set up another new movie that would more explicitly connect The Craft with The Craft: Legacy. While another sequel hasn't been greenlit yet, Lister-Jones told the horror blog Bloody Disgusting that she wrote Legacy with a follow-up movie in mind.

"We don’t know [if we’ll get to make another]. That’s really for the people to decide. I do [have ideas]. And I always had imagined… I sort of wrote this film with a third in mind.," Lister-Jones revealed. "But yeah. We’ll see how this one goes. I think it would be such a dream for all of us to work together again. It truly was a magical experience. And I think really transformative for all of us. So it would be incredible to reunite and get in there again with all of these incredible women."

There's certainly material for a third movie explore. The bulk of The Craft: Legacy is its own story without really mentioning the original witches. However, the movie's ending teased that a follow-up could fully explain how these new witches are connected to the original coven.

Spoiler alert: Don't read on if you haven't watched The Craft: Legacy. The new sequel ended with a shocking cameo, and the only appearance by one of the original film's stars. After noticing how quickly her powers have developed, Lily discovers that she was adopted, and the evil warlock Adam confirms to her that her actual mother was none other than Nancy Downs. Once Adam is defeated, Lily heads to the asylum and finally meets Nancy.

The final moment means a third movie could better connect The Craft and The Craft: Legacy by fully explaining Nancy's pregnancy and what happened to the rest of her coven after they bound her. It also seems likely that Fairuza Balk may reprise her role as Nancy for a much more significant part in the potential third movie.

For right now, this potential third movie is still just an idea, so fans will have to wait to see if Lister-Jones' vision comes to light. While you wait, The Craft: Legacy is now available to watch on-demand.