'Floor Is Lava' Season 1 contestants

Fans Have 1 Very Important Question After Finishing Netflix's 'Floor Is Lava'


You probably played "the floor is lava" when you were a kid — you know, the game in which you jump from across furniture pieces, trying not to touch the floor below you. But you've never seen it played like it is in Netflix's latest game show. The appropriately titled series, Floor Is Lava, is a high-stakes version of the beloved activity in which contestants have a chance to win $10,000 and major bragging rights — but only if they cross a giant, lava-filled obstacle course without failing into the gooey red substance. Netflix hasn't yet announced whether there will be a Floor Is Lava Season 2, but since fans are clearly loving it, it seems the chances for a sophomore season are high.

If you haven't watched it yet, Floor Is Lava is quite the ride of a game show. In each episode, three teams, amde up of three contestants each, must make their way through an escape room-style obstacle course, avoid the lava, and do it all quickly — for a chance to win the cash prize. The contestants chosen for the show are entertaining all on their own, so when you add a melodramatic, high-stakes challenge into the mix, things only get that more interesting.

Season 1 of Floor Is Lava debuted on Netflix on June 19, 2020, and dropped all 10 half-hour episodes at once. Within the first week of its premiere, the show sat comfortably on Netflix's "Top 10 In The U.S. Today" list. It's no wonder the show has seen so much success; people are really invested in it.

Despite the show's obvious popularity, Netflix has not yet made a renewal or cancellation announcement — but that might just be because it's still so new. Its popularity on the streaming service is a good sign another season will be made, though. Plus, the show doesn't seem like it's that expensive to produce, so it's not like Netflix would have to invest huge amounts of money to make Season 2 happen. (Although, who really knows how much it costs to make "lava"?)

If Floor Is Lava renewed, Season 2 would likely still have Rutledge Wood — previously known for co-hosting History's Top Gear — as the cheeky host and narrator. As for when it could hit Netflix? Sometime in 2021 seems like a good guess.

Floor Is Lava Season 1 is available on Netflix now.