'Floor Is Lava' on Netflix

Twitter Is So Freaking Invested In Netflix's New Show 'Floor Is Lava'


Ah, childhood, the time of games like hide-and-seek and tag. The floor is lava though, that's a grownup game — or at least it is now. In Netflix's new reality game show Floor Is Lava, groups of actual adults compete to win a cash prize by navigating through an obstacle course-slash-escape room without touching the glowing red "lava" that surrounds them. It's a pretty ridiculous concept for a show, but these tweets about Floor Is Lava make it clear that viewers are hooked.

Floor Is Lava is just one of the many unique game/reality shows from Netflix in 2020 (think Too Hot To Handle or The Circle), and it's perhaps one of the simplest. In each episode, three teams of three contestants try to make their way through a themed obstacle course without falling into the 80,000 gallons of gooey lava around them. Teams get a point for each person who makes it to the end without falling, and if there's a tie, the team that completed the course in the shorted amount of time wins.

Although the concept is straightforward, don't assume the show is boring. With a cash prize of $10,000 on the line, contestants — many of whom would be entertaining even if they weren't climbing walls and flinging themselves off of statues — are willing to put themselves out there to win.

The show hit the No. 1 spot on Netflix in the days following its June 19 debut, and from the looks of it, people are shocked at how much they actually enjoy watching it.

As with most game shows, fans of Floor Is Lava are spending a lot of time thinking about how they would handle the challenge *so* much better than the people on TV.

Plenty of folks loved the throwback feels of the show.

The big thing on everyone's mind, though, is the fact that once a contestant falls into the lava, they aren't seen again. There's no scene to show the person coming out of the gooey red substance, and viewers are kind of left to question whether they just, like, die. (Obviously, these people survive, but hey — the mystery of their fate just adds to the overall melodrama of the show.)

Floor Is Lava is streaming on Netflix now.