Fans wonder if 'Cheer' will be renewed for Season 2

Fans Are All Screaming The Same Question After Finishing 'Cheer'


Season 1 of Cheer dropped on Netflix in early January, and it's so good, people are already *cheering* for more. As of Jan. 17, Netflix has been quiet about whether Cheer will be renewed for Season 2, but don't lose hope just yet. If fans' reactions on social media are any indication of the series' future, there are definitely reasons to believe it could continue, although it's unclear what, exactly, a second season might look like.

Cheer was brought to life by Greg Whiteley, the same director who created Last Chance U, a Netflix original docuseries centered around college football. Although based around two very different sports, the shows are super similar, and both achieved tons of love for their in-depth looks into the lives of promising junior college student athletes. As Whiteley put it to Deadline: Cheer is as much about cheerleading as Last Chance U is about football. Which is to say, it has cheerleading in it. A lot of cheerleading. But the most poignant moments are the ones that happen away from practice."

Whiteley clearly has a knack for creating compelling sports shows. Last Chance U was nominated for a Sports Emmy in 2018, and will release its fifth season sometime in 2020. Similarly, Cheer seems to be picking up major attention.

Although these are all good signs Netflix will renew Cheer for Season 2, even if it is picked up, but there's still the question of what another batch of episodes would even look like. Last Chance U has followed two different colleges thus far (East Mississippi Community College in 2015 and 2016, and Independence Community College in 2017 and 2019), and will follow a third (Laney College) for a fifth season. So, if Cheer follows Last Chance U's pattern of switching things up every two seasons, then Navarro could remain the focus of the potential Season 2.

There are definitely opportunities for follow-ups at Navarro. Recent Instagrams from Season 1 stars Jerry Harris and Lexi Brumback indicate both cheerleaders have returned to Navarro, and since the first season ended with Monica auditioning new team members, there are probably even more Bulldogs for fans to get to know.

Netflix will likely reveal whether a Season 2 is happening by early April, since that's when the 2020 NCA Collegiate National Championships start, and a camera crew documenting Navarro would be pretty hard to hide — unless it turns out another team ends up getting the Cheer treatment, that is.

Cheer Season 1 is on Netflix now.