BTS' 'Bring The Soul' Movie Is Getting A Follow-Up That's Even Better Than A Sequel


Wow, BTS really doesn't let their fans rest for even a minute. I seriously have not seen a group more dedicated to sharing new content with their fanbase than BTS. I mean, just this summer, fans were treated to a new BTS mobile game, a music video for the group's Japanese single "Lights," and collaborations with Charli XCX, Juice WRLD, and Zara Larsson. Oh, and let's not forget RM jumping on a remix of "Old Town Road," which I'm still not over. Following the release of Burn The Stage: The Movie in November 2018, BTS has now released Bring The Soul: The Movie, which hit theaters worldwide on Wednesday, Aug. 7. The movie has made fans feel every type of emotion out there (like all good movies do), and because fans love the movie so much, they're asking, will there be a Bring The Soul sequel?

Not exactly. But according to fans who went to see the Bring The Soul: The Movie in theaters, some more Bring the Soul content from BTS is definitely coming.

Before you think I'm about to spoil the movie, know that what I'm about to tell you happened before the movie actually started, so I'm definitely not spoiling it (I wouldn't do that to you, ARMY!). Besides, I haven't seen the movie yet, so I know nothing more than this little piece of info I'm going to share with you right now. OK, now that we've cleared that up, I can get into the real tea.

Fans who went to see the movie said that a preview was shown before it started that said a Bring The Soul docu-series was coming soon, like real soon. That means fans won't be getting a new movie for now, but they will be getting a series, and I'm sure the ARMY will be just as happy. (As long as BTS is involved, that's all that matters, amirite?)

One quick-thinking fan captured a picture of the announcement.

It read:

BRING THE SOUL / 2019.08.27. / ORIGINAL DOCU-SERIES AVAILABLE on Weverse / Download Weverse on App Store or Google Play

So, apparently, a docu-series called Bring The Soul will be available on the Weverse app starting on Aug. 27. But what does that mean, exactly?

Big Hit Entertainment, BTS' management company, hasn't released any official news about the docu-series yet, so all the info fans have about the series is from the preview at the beginning of the Bring The Soul movie.

Considering BTS' Burn The Stage: The Movie, which released in theaters in November 2018, was released as a docu-series first on YouTube Premium, it could be that the Bring The Soul series will follow a similar format. If that's true, fans can expect to see even more behind-the-scenes footage from BTS' Love Yourself World Tour, which is the focus of Bring The Soul: The Movie.

As I said, unlike BTS' previous docu-series, which streamed on YouTube Premium, this one will be available exclusively through Weverse. FYI, Weverse is an app where BTS shares exclusive content with their fans not found on any of their other social media pages. It's unclear whether the docu-series will be available to every user for free, or if it will only be available to users who purchase it.

Either way, the ARMY can't wait until Aug. 27 to see it!