BTS' 'Bring The Soul' Trailer Teases An Intimate Look At Their Lives On Tour

by Jamie LeeLo

I don't want to cause a panic, but BTS' Bring The Soul movie trailer is here. ARMYs are losing their minds over this intimate look at the BTS member's lives on tour and the teaser does a great job of building the hype. Sure, there are the usual outstanding concert moments — but this BTS film promises to be different from the ones ARMYs have seen before. This isn't just a concert film, this is a true behind-the-scenes look into J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, RM, V, and Suga's lives as they methodically build their careers and empire one finger-heart at a time.

The trailer dropped on Wednesday, July 3, via the film's distributor Trafalgar Releasing. As with everything BTS, anyone involved with the group is usually thrilled to be a part of their shared experience.

CEO of Trafalgar Releasing, Marc Allenby, said in the announcement, "Trafalgar Releasing is thrilled to collaborate with Big Hit Entertainment again for BRING THE SOUL: THE MOVIE, giving fans around the world an intimate opportunity to see the band following their landmark LOVE YOURSELF tour." He added, "The ARMYs are truly a community, and we are excited to bring them together for an all-new BTS experience in cinemas worldwide."

Whenever you combine the words "intimate" and BTS you usually have one hell of a recipe for success. Surely, fans are living to get tickets to see the film.

Limited screenings begin on August 7 but tickets are available for purchase now. If you pop over to the website BringTheSoulTheMovie.com, you'll be able to find all of the ticketing information you need to solidify your theater seat. There, you will also see the following synopsis of the movie:

On the day following the final concert of their Europe tour, on a rooftop in Paris, BTS tells their very own stories from experiencing new cities to performing in front of thousands of ARMY across the globe. A glimpse into BTS’ world away from the stage, featuring intimate group discussions alongside spectacular concert performances from the tour, this is a cinema event not to be missed. The journey of BTS continues!

Yes, yes it sure does.

Feast your eyes on this one minute of pure magic below:

OK, OK, OK. There is a lot to dive into. I don't know what part I love the most... the moment when they all toast their very mature glasses of red wine, V getting his hair styled, or when Suga jokes, "Oh no, what if I get ripped?" in the gym.

In one particularly touching voice-over, fans hear a fan explain what many ARMYs feel: "Listening to their music has helped me move on and realized that I deserved better." RM echoes this sentiment a few seconds later in a separate clip when he tells his adoring fans, "I didn't know anything about loving myself but you guys taught me how to love myself." In the final moments of the trailer, Jimin can be heard shouting "I love you guys!" to a crowd as a shot of BTS standing on a balcony overlooking Paris pans over the screen.

Damn. Do these guys know how to pull at your heartstrings or what?

See you guys at the theaters!