U.S. ARMYs Have 1 Major Question About BTS' Purple Starbucks Drink

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BTS has partnered with many brands over the years, like PUMA, FILA, and LG, but their latest partnership is the best one yet: Starbucks. The septet has taken over pretty much every industry in existence, and now they're ready to take the coffee industry by storm, because a BTS Starbucks drink is debuting in South Korea. But U.S. fans have one question: Will the BTS Starbucks drink come to the U.S.? I-ARMYs are praying the drink will make it's way overseas, because it honestly looks that good — and it benefits an amazing cause.

On Jan. 16, Starbucks announced it will work with BTS to launch their "Be the Brightest Stars" campaign, which will include limited-edition beverages, food, and merchandise exclusively in South Korea. The products will come in shades of purple, not only because the color is special to BTS and their fans, but also to go along with its "starry night" theme.

The featured drink is called the Blooming Purple Vin Chaud, while the featured food is Blueberry Star Macaroons, Purple Berry Cheesecake, and the Purple Star Cupcake. Some of the limited-edition merchandise also includes mugs, glassware, tablet and laptop pouches, keychains, and more.

The campaign will run for a limited time in Korea from Jan. 21 to Feb. 6, during which Starbucks will play BTS' Map of the Soul: Persona track "Make It Right" in their stores.


Starbucks Korea shared a sneak peak of the limited-edition BTS items on Twitter.

After the news came out, U.S. ARMYs hoped the products would launch internationally, but, for the time being, it seems that they will only be available in Korea. Elite Daily reached out to Starbucks for comment on whether they have plans to expand their campaign to the U.S., but did not hear back.

A portion of the campaign's profits will go toward the Beautiful Foundation's Opportunity Youth Independence Project. Specifically, the profits will help fund career and educational programs for disadvantaged youth in Korea who are leaving children's homes to start their adult lives.

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BTS has a long history of participating in humanitarian work. In 2017, the group partnered with UNICEF to launch their "LOVE MYSELF" non-violence campaign to help youth. Together with their agency, Big Hit Entertainment, BTS pledged to donate close to half a million dollars to the UNICEF campaign, as well as 3% of their Love Yourself series’ physical album sales income. Due to all BTS has done to help others, the group's participation in Starbucks' new campaign is a natural next step for them.

Although it seems the products won't make their way to the U.S. any time soon, the BTS ARMY is happy the group is, once again, doing all they can to help those in need. And if the products do come to the U.S., ARMYs will be ready to throw their money at the cause.