BTS' "Make It Right" Remix Lyrics Will Make You Feel Things

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BTS' lyrics have a knack for hitting fans right in the feels. Whether ARMYs feel empowered by lyrics like, "I'm the one I should love," in "Epiphany" or straight-up emotional over the line, "But I still want you," in "The Truth Untold," BTS' songs evoke a ton of emotion. Confidence, anger, love, sadness, happiness — you name it, there's a BTS song for it. Luckily, on Oct. 18, BTS released a remix of their fan-favorite track "Make It Right" with Lauv with even more lyrics to love. Seriously,, BTS' "Make It Right" remix lyrics will make you feel things, I'm telling you.

The group released the original "Make It Right" track with their Map of the Soul: Persona album on April 12, 2019. The album launched BTS to new heights, becoming their third album to reach the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart in less than a year. (They released Love Yourself: Tear in May 2018 and Love Yourself: Answer in August 2018.) The achievement made BTS the first band since The Beatles to score three consecutive No. 1 albums in a single year.

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Not only that, but Map of the Soul: Persona was also notable for featuring collaborations with several Western artists. BTS collaborated with Halsey for "Boy With Luv," which they performed at the Billboard Music Awards on May 1. BTS also collaborated with Ed Sheeran on the original "Make It Right" track. Although Sheeran didn't lend his vocals on "Make It Right," he did help co-write the song with BTS' RM, Suga, and J-Hope.

Now, BTS has teamed up with another remarkable artist: Lauv, who is behind hits like ""I Like Me Better" and "i'm so tired... " Considering both BTS and Lauv are huge artists, I have no doubt this "Make It Right" remix will be a hit, too.

You can listen to the "Make It Right" remix below.

You'll notice the remix includes different lyrics than the original song. The first half of the song includes English lyrics by Lauv, while the second half of the song keeps the same Korean lyrics as the original track. Because you can't fully appreciate the new version without knowing the words, I have the lyrics for you right here.

You can read the "Make It Right" remix lyrics below via Genus.

VERSE 1: Lauv

I was lost, I was trying to find the answer

In the world around me, yeah, I was going crazy

All day, all night

You're the only one who understood me

And all that I was going through

Yeah, I just gotta tell you, oh, baby I


I could make it better

I could hold you tighter

’Cause through the morning

Oh you're the light (Oh)

And I almost lost ya

But I can't forget ya

’Cause you were the reason I survived


You were there for me through all the times I cried

I was there for you and then I lost my mind

I know that I messed up but I promise I

Oh, oh, I can make it right


All right

All right

Oh I can make it right

All right

All right

Oh I can make it right

VERSE 2: J-Hope

I became a hero in this world

The loud screams that seek me out

My hand, trophy and a gold microphone

All day, everywhere

But all of this is about reaching you

It's the answer to my journey

I'm singing to find you

Baby to you


A little taller than I was before

With a voice a little more solid

All of this to go back to you

Now I'll spread wide a map called you

My rehab

Look at me, why can't you recognize me?

I don't want to hear other people's noises

Your fragrance still penetrates and breaks me down

Let's go back to that time


Baby I know

I can make it better

I can hold you tighter

All those roads

Are pointing to you

VERSE 4: Jimin

Everything was useless

Anything other than you

Just touch me like that time

PRE-CHORUS: Jungkook, Jin, V, Jimin

This eternal night with no end in sight

It’s you who gifted me the morning

Now can I hold that hand?

Oh oh

I can make it right

CHORUS: V, Jimin

All right

All right

Oh I can make it right

All right

All right

Oh I can make it right


You are still beautiful

Just hold me silently like you did that day, that time

The reason I survived in hell

It’s for you, it was not for me

If you know, don't hesitate and please save my life

I’m thirsty wandering this desert without you

So hurry and grab me quickly

I know the sea without you is the same as a desert

REFRAIN: Jimin, Jungkook

All right

I can make it better

I can hold you tighter

Oh I can make it right

OUTRO: Jimin, V

Everything was useless

Anything other than you

Oh I can make it right

The good news is that you can see these lyrics visualized in the form of a music video. Along with the remix, BTS and Lauv dropped a MV for their new song together, which you can watch below.