Bachelor Nation Is Praying Seinne Goes To 'Paradise,' Here's What We Know

ABC/Paul Hebert

Seinne was an obvious fan favorite on Season 22 of The Bachelor, but unfortunately the stunning and smart California sweetheart didn't end up making it past the show's seventh week. But now that Bachelor in Paradise casting is buzzing among enthusiastic fans, everyone is wondering if the 27-year-old Yale grad will be heading to Mexico for another chance at finding love on TV. Will Seinne be on Paradise? There's hope her reality journey isn't over just yet.

"Well, I am ready and willing and open to find love," Seinne told Chris Harrison of her relationship status, on the Women Tell All special on Sunday, Feb. 25. I'm dating, but I'm single. I haven't met the one..." So, it sounds like a stay in Paradise might not be out of the question. But it would have to be for the right reasons.

"I'm not sure. I have to think about it," Seinne told Extra in their recent Bachelor Breakdown, when asked if she would consider BIP. Though, she has a few stipulations. For one, she would have to be single at that point. "It would be that, maybe, and I don't know what guys... As of now there's no one in Bachelor Nation I'm interested in," she explained.

She has a point. We don't even know anything about the future roster of Bachelorette contestants. Guess that's the risk participants have to take...

"I'll rephrase that," Seinne clarified of the conditions that would get her to Mexico. "There's no one that I think will go on Paradise who I would be interested in." So, who could potentially convince her? "I think of the people that are around, I think Ben and Peter are the top..." she added.

While fans are pumped about the possibility of Seinne's Paradise debut, they're also championing for her to be the next Bachelorette. And that's a spot she would also ponder taking. "I don't think I'm going to be. I don't think they're gonna ask me. If they ask me I would consider it, yes," she also revealed. Her reasoning for that is "because it starts filming in, like, five days." We don't know if that schedule is exactly correct though it likely kicks off soon based on last year's schedule.

One former holder of the Bachelorette title is hoping Seinne will be the next woman for the job. "I am rooting for for someone in particular," Rachel Lindsay revealed to Bustle. "I think Seinne is absolutely amazing. So I'm rooting for her. If not to win, then to be the next Bachelorette."

If she doesn't become the Bachelorette, perhaps Seinne will come around to going the Paradise route. She'll surely have some familiar faces to keep her company there. It's looking like Bekah M. is a strong contender for a spot — if Chris Harrison has anything to do with it. “There’s a good chance she’s going to be missing for about two weeks this summer, because hopefully she’ll be in Mexico on Bachelor in Paradise,“ the host joked on Sunday's Women Tell All while speaking to Bekah's mom on the phone. Ya know, because of that whole "missing persons" debacle...

Another contestant from Season 22 who could be vying for a stint on the summer spinoff? Krystal. "I'm totally a beach girl, so it could be a good fit," the controversial contestant recently shared. "If at the time I am single I might be open to it!"

Bachelor Nation is not-so-patiently waiting on word as to who will be our future Bachelorette and who will be hanging on the beach in Paradise. Seinne, we sincerely hope to see you there.