Hilary Duff commented on if Paolo will be in the 'Lizzie McGuire' reboot series.

Hilary Duff Has Thoughts On Whether Paolo Will Be In The 'Lizzie McGuire' Reboot


Lizzie McGuire really did do it all, from becoming a model to kissing Aaron Carter, and her crowning achievement was becoming a bona fide Italian pop star. But with a reboot on the horizon, how much of Lizzie's unbelievable tween stardom will come into play when she's a 30-year-old making a life in New York City? Well, Hilary Duff has some thoughts on that — specifically whether her Italian pop partner-turned-enemy Paolo will be in the Lizzie McGuire reboot.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Duff opened up about the current status of Disney+'s troubled Lizzie McGuire reboot, which went on hiatus in January after showrunner Terri Minsky departed from the series due to creative differences. Although production has not yet restarted on the reboot, Duff revealed she is still in frequent communication about the reboot, so there is still hope it will actually get made. "I'm still talking to [the team] weekly, I don't know, "Duff said. "They were shooting and then everything was put on hold. And we're just kind of figuring out if we can make this happen."

Due to coronavirus concerns, it's looking like it will be some time before the reboot can start shooting again if it does get back on track, but Duff shared some tidbits about which characters could be returning for the show. It sounds like most of the original Lizzie McGuire cast was primed to make a comeback, but don't expect to see the Italian fraudster Paolo pop up again... at least not without Lizzie going off on him. Duff told Cosmo:

There were plans for a lot of people to be in the show. So, um, I already know some of those things, but I don’t know about Paolo. I think she'd probably be pretty mad to see him.

Most Lizzie McGuire fan would probably be pretty happy to not see Paolo in the reboot, since he wound up being the villain of The Lizzie McGuire Movie after all. Although, it would be pretty epic to see a grown-up Lizzie give him an epic takedown so many years later.

The big question now is whether this reboot will actually happen. The reason for Minsky's departure and the production's hold was reportedly due to a disagreement on the maturity of the rebooted series with Disney+. Duff posted a note saying the new show shouldn't "live under the ceiling of a PG rating" and asked Disney to move it to the more adult-friendly Hulu. Right now, the reboot is still at Disney+ without a showrunner, but fans should be reassured by Duff's confirmation she's still in contact with the team.