Mercury In Scorpio Will Make Your Sex Wild, But It'll Probably End With A Deep Conversation

Astrological transits are unique and sacred. I personally think it's interesting to witness their cosmic influence, not to mention the divine order of it all. Speaking of which, Mercury the messenger enters Scorpio on Oct. 9, and I'm sure you're wondering, will Mercury in Scorpio 2018 affect your sex life? Truth is, it's kind of hard not to think of sex whenever you think of Scorpio, right? My point exactly, especially when referring to the messenger planet, which ultimately governs our overall communication style, and thought process. Although, in the end, Scorpio energy is much more than carnal sexuality. Trust me.

As you know, Mercury is the messenger of the cosmos, overseeing all things related to communication, technology, routine, transportation, and basically all the petty details we deal with on a daily basis. Now, in Scorpio, the energy of Mercury expresses itself quite differently, which also happens to be incredibly revealing, to say the least. Imagine, Mercury is curious and mischievous, but Scorpio lives deep in the underworld, surrounded by death, mystery, and darkness. Mercury the messenger simply relays the message, and Scorpio wants to reveal all that is lurking beneath the surface. See the difference? This ain't no Mercury in Libra, stargazers.

Mercury In Scorpio Feels

On Oct. 9, Mercury left charming Libra and slid into smoldering Scorpio, sparking mysterious and emotionally in-depth conversations full of secrets, taboos, and revealing truths. While Mercury in Libra yearns for balance and harmony, Mercury in Scorpio craves intensity and depth. Libra represents the very first interaction we have with another person, and Scorpio is our first encounter merging with another mind, body, and soul. Put it this way: if Mercury is the way we communicate, then Mercury in Scorpio reveals the secrets we keep buried deep within our soul. This is a time for research, sharp observation, and deep interrogation. Pay attention to what comes up for you and your partner during this time.

How Mercury In Scorpio Can Affect Your Sex Life

Given that Scorpio is a symbol of our sexual instincts and desires, Mercury in Scorpio can definitely spark some rather interesting conversations, especially if you've been keeping something from your partner. In fact, if you've been hiding, in terms of your sex life, or secretly craving more intimacy, now is the time to speak up. Mercury in Scorpio doesn't do superficial conversations. On the contrary, despite its cut-throat honesty and psychic receptivity, this astrological transit inspires raw, soulful, and emotionally charged interaction. How will you take advantage of this energy?

Speak Your Truth

This astrological season is complex AF, and that's because Venus, Libra's planetary ruler, is currently traveling through secretive Scorpio, putting an eerie magnifying glass over our current relationships, values, and self-esteem. That in itself changes the energy of Libra season, as Libra prefers to keep things light and airy, and we all know Scorpio will have none of that. It's safe to say that this year, Libra season won't feel like your typical season of the scales. Not even close.

With that being said, it's important that we flow with the current energies, despite how emotionally heavy, or perhaps revealing, it all might feel. The energy of Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in Scorpio is cleansing our psyche from stagnant residue, and toxic emotions. In fact, what's coming up for you during this time? Is it financial? Or is it related to your current partnerships? Whatever the case may be, all of these feels are resurfacing for a reason. We are healing and evolving, from the inside out. Don't be afraid to express yourself and speak your truth, even if it means you'll shed a tear or two.