Megan Thee Stallion hits the stage.

Megan Thee Stallion Revealed Just How Badly She Wants To Collab With Rihanna

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Megan Thee Stallion struck gold when she collaborated with Beyoncé on the "Savage" remix, but Bey isn't the only legend Meg wants to join forces with. The rapper has her sights set on a future collab with Rihanna, she revealed in a new interview. Now, these two ladies have some seriously jam-packed schedules, and there's a lot of factors that come into play when artists collab. But now that the notion is out there, the Navy needs answers. Will Megan Thee Stallion collaborate with Rihanna? Here's why it's totally possible.

Megan spoke with Dazed magazine about the prospect of more collaborations in the future. At first, she said she'd be down to stop with Beyoncé.

"I’m good, I don’t need anyone else to collab with. I already collabed with Nicki and I’ve collabed with Beyoncé, my life is made — bye, thank you. Thank you, everybody!" she said.

But Meg changed her tune once the interviewer made mention of Rihanna's name. As it turns out, Megan is the ultimate Riri fangirl.

"Rihanna is that girl, and I always wear Fenty, so… oh my God, that would blow my mind! If I could collab with Rihanna, I would honestly be super happy," she said.

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While no collab has been confirmed just yet, the good news is it appears Rihanna is a fan of Meg's. In a photo posted on May 1, she found a way to pay homage to the "Savage" remix.

“Da girls like it Savage!" she wrote in one part of her caption. Sure that's also the name of her lingerie line, but with the timing of the remix, this seemed to be a double nod.

Back in August 2019, rumors started circulating saying Megan and Riri were working on a joint track, but, sadly, the rumored track never came to fruition. Rihanna shut them down by replying to one fan post saying it was "a lie."

The initial rumored collab may not have existed, but it's totally possible these two ladies could link up in the future. After all, Megan did say she manifested her collab with Beyoncé by talking about it before it happened, so anything is possible!