Luke Wilson Revealed Whether Or Not He's Down To Be In 'Legally Blonde 3'

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We've waited much longer than a bend and snap for the release of Legally Blonde 3, but Reese Witherspoon definitely isn't the only cast member who's eager to revisit Elle Woods and her friends. After joining Witherspoon as one of the few original characters to appear in Legally Blonde's 2003 sequel, Luke Wilson has hinted about the chances of Elle's lawyer love Emmett appearing in a third movie. Will Luke Wilson be in Legally Blonde 3? The actor is pumped to step back into Emmett's shoes.

Fans have known since June 2018 that a third Legally Blonde movie is in the works, which Witherspoon broke through an online clip channeling Elle's admission video for Harvard. The chance to redeem the franchise from the less-than-stellar Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde is exciting, but Witherspoon has remained mum about the movie's plot since then. On The Late Late Show with James Corden, the star teased, "I think it would be kind of cool to see her, 15 years later...She could be a Supreme Court justice or she could be like a really great, powerful attorney or she could be in prison. She could be anything!"

Elle tied the knot with Harvard Law classmate Emmett at the end of the sequel, so unless things have taken a terrible turn for the couple, they're probably cruising through life as a powerful, legally-minded couple. More than 15 years after wearing Emmett's sensible suits, actor Luke Wilson recently told Entertainment Tonight:

I'd definitely be up for [being in a third film]. All I've heard is the same thing everyone else has heard, it's that they might be doing a Legally Blonde 3. But I can't imagine anything that would be more fun. Reese played such a great character. I'd love to do a Legally Blonde 3.

Nearly three years before Witherspoon's announcement of a Legally Blonde 3, Wilson also opened up to James Corden about doing another movie. In a 2015 appearance on Corden's show, he seemed game to reprise his role, joking that the sequel's negative reviews were "why we need to do three, to kind of win everybody back." In a recent SiriusXM interview, Wilson also alluded to the disappointing response to Legally Blonde 2, saying, "There was one [movie], which did really well, and then the second one… didn’t quite do as well... Reese is so funny that… I’d go back in a second and do [another movie]."

Given that the third movie's Valentine's Day 2020 release is only a little more than a year away, Wilson can probably expect a phone call from Witherspoon soon. Last August, Witherspoon spilled to ET, "I got to go to a meeting the other day where we talked about all the new [Legally Blonde 3] plot points and all the characters and some returning characters and some new characters."

Seeing as Emmett's likely included in that batch of returnees, is Elle now the type of lawyer to partner with her husband in court and strike fear in the guilty?

As for other former cast members who want to embrace the power of pink again, Matt Davis has appeared open to Elle's ex Warner appearing in Legally Blonde 3. Newly-minted Oscar nominee Regina King, who starred alongside Witherspoon in the sequel as Chief of Staff Grace Rossiter, is also ready to drop everything if the title star asked her to be involved. Fingers crossed that we hear official announcements about the cast joining Witherspoon in Legally Blonde 3 soon.

Legally Blonde 3 is in theaters on Feb. 14, 2020.