'I Am Not Okay With This' has not been renewed for Season 2 yet, but its finale begs for more.

We Need To Talk About The Cliffhanger In The 'I Am Not Okay With This' Finale


If you watched Netflix's new teen sci-fi series I Am Not Okay With This, chances are you were left still hungry for more when you discovered you'd devoured the whole first season in just three and a half hours. Season 1 ends rather abruptly, with a massive cliffhanger that has viewers frantically searching for the "next episode" button on their Netflix screens. But sadly, there is no more to watch (for now, at least), which means everyone is wondering if I Am Not Okay With This will get a Season 2. Here's what fans should know about the potential for another season:

Spoiler alert: This post will discuss details from the I Am Not Okay With This Season 1 finale. As of I Am Not Okay With This' release day on Wednesday, Feb. 26, Netflix has not yet revealed if it will renew or cancel the series, but the final moments of Season 1 definitely feel primed for a follow-up. Throughout the series, Syd (Sophia Lillis) worked to try to control her fledgling telekinetic powers while a mysterious person followed her around. Everything came to a head in the final moments of Season 1, when Syd lost control as Brad read her diary in front of the whole school. To stop him, Syd used her ability to explode Brad's head (accidentally, I think), and then ran off, covered in his blood, after potentially revealing her lethal powers to everyone.


Somehow, things got even wilder after that. As Syd was pondering running away and hiding in a place nobody will ever find her, her elusive stalker appeared from the shadows behind her. After a shocked Syd asked him, "Who are you? Should I be afraid?" he gave her an ominous message: "They should be afraid. Let's begin."


Obviously, fans need answers. Who is this shadowy man? What does he want with Syd? Are his powers the same as hers, or different? The final line definitely lays the groundwork for another season, so hopefully Netflix confirms Season 2 soon.

But for right now, there are some likely answers to all the pressing questions about this mystery man. The most popular guess as to the man's identity is that he's Syd's dad. The show already revealed Syd's father developed similar abilities to her after his time in the military. He was believed to be dead, but since this unknown person seems to be able to disappear and reappear at a whim, he could be Syd's father, who may have used his powers to fake his death for some reason. However, Syd did ask the man who he was, meaning it could also be someone she's never met.

Regardless of who he is, the man's "let's begin" line also pretty clearly suggests what is next for Syd. He seems intent on becoming Syd's mentor, training her in how to control and understand her powers. That's bad news for Stanley (Wyatt Oleff), who had been super pumped about filling that role himself.

So, the predominant theory about a potential second season is that it would center on Syd (possibly) reconnecting with her father and )almost definitely) honing her telekinetic skills under this character's tutelage, which would allow for a much deeper dive into the sci-fi elements of the show than Season 1. This makes sense, since it's hard to imagine Syd going back to being an ordinary high schooler after psychically exploding her classmate's head.

I Am Not Okay With This Season 1 is on Netflix now.