The 'I Am Not Okay With This' cast opened up about the new supernatural series.

Here's What The 'I Am Not Okay With This' Cast Wants Fans To Know About The Show


Netflix's new teen series I Am Not Okay With This may include superpowers, but don't think of it as a superhero show. The real focus of the series is on the specific ups and downs that come with being a confused teenager, and the cast is excited for fans to see how the supernatural storyline works so well alongside the very real struggles of puberty, sexuality, and high school drama. The I Am Not Okay With This cast's quotes about the show will definitely give fans a better understanding of its unique structure.

Don't worry — nothing will be spoiled in this post if you have not seen the show yet. All you really need to know is that Sydney Novak (played by It star Sophia Lillis) is your ordinary moody high schooler who has trouble fitting in... and her problems only get more complicated when she realizes she can move objects with her mind. Her burgeoning telekinetic abilities seem just as out-of-control as her personal struggles — she has a very fraught relationship with her mom (Kathleen Rose Perkins), her best friend Dina (Sofia Bryant) is pulling away after she begins dating the popular jock, Brad (Richard Ellis), and she doesn't know how to feel about her friendship with her eccentric neighbor, Stanley (Wyatt Oleff).

Really, Sydney's superhuman abilities just serve to highlight her relatable experiences, and the cast emphasizes it's these very human issues and relationships that are at the heart of I Am Not Okay With This. "If anything, the one thing we want everyone to take away from the show is that — ugh, this is, like, a pun now — but like, you're OK," Bryant tells Elite Daily. "We cover so many issues and we try to speak on so many different things other than superpowers throughout the show, so we really want people to be able to find themselves in the show. And understand that the things that you think make you super weird are the things that just make up who you are."


Ellis echoes Bryant's sentiment about Sydney's superpowers, pointing out they are meant to highlight the real focus of the show, rather than be that focus. "It's nice having the superpowers more in the background, because it does serve as that metaphor and the through line of the show, which is, yeah, it's OK to deal with things and to be able to talk to people and to try to, like, suss out all of your issues," he says. "But obviously the circumstances are exacerbated by the whole superpower thing."

While Sydney's superpowers may not be the central focus of the show, the Season 1 finale certainly emphasizes how important they will likely be in a potential second season. Netflix has not yet renewed the show, but Lillis is hopeful fans will be eager for more. "I want them to want a Season 2, so I can keep working," Lillis jokes, causing her castmates to laugh with her. Here's hoping her wish for more I Am Not Okay With This comes true.

Reporting by Lexi Williams