Sofia Bryant Spills Deets On The 'I Am Not Okay With This' Cast Party

by Tina Kolokathis
Shanelle Infante, Elite Daily

The first thing I notice about I Am Not Okay With This star Sofia Bryant is her nails. Each finger is painted with swirls of bright blue, red, green, and orange, clearly matching her overall vibe. As she tells me about her favorite stories with the I Am Not Okay With This cast, her eyes beam and she can't help but choke back laughter.

Bryant spent the summer of 2019 shooting the new Netflix series, which premieres on Feb. 26. She plays Dina, best friend to Sophia Lillis' Sydney. (Yes, Bryant and Lillis have the same name. Bryant went by "So B" or "SB" while on set — nicknames given to her by costar Wyatt Oleff.)

I show Bryant a picture from her Instagram she posted back in July. It's a Polaroid with Bryant, Lillis, Oleff (Stanley), and Zachary Williams (Ricky). She's immediately ready to go all-in about what happened behind the scenes. "This was at our wrap party," she tells me. "We were shooting in this old high school. There was no air conditioning and it was super hot." Bryant says the crew still had about a week left of filming, but they needed the party to blow off steam... literally. "My bangs are completely [out], I sweat out my entire look," she laughs.

Bryant says she brought the Polaroid camera to the party herself; she rarely goes anywhere without one. In the photo, Oleff is wearing a cap that says Captain Awesome, a rogue prop from the party's photo booth. Bryant stole her own photo booth prop: a cowboy hat.

Bryant says she and Williams were the ones to get the party onto the dance floor. "I take full credit!" she tells me. The entire cast and crew bopped to one of Oleff's favorite songs, the 1988 hit "The King Of Rock N' Roll" by Prefab Sprout. Bryant says she and the cast even convinced Richard Ellis, who plays Brad, to bust a move. "He was just going at it!" she laughs. "We were like, 'What? He has dance moves?'"

As for Bryant, she shows me her go-to dance move on the spot – and I can only compare it to what Will Ferrell does in the mailroom scene of Elf. "I thought it was like, hot," Bryant admits. "I was like, this looks so quirky, but I can do it."

It isn't rare to hear from an actor that they loved the cast they worked with on a show, but Bryant seems genuine. "I feel so lucky," she says. "I've always loved the casts I've had, but ... we all just click and it's so great."

Sofia Bryant/Elite Daily