Netflix released the trailer for 'I Am Not Okay With This'

You Need To Watch Netflix’s 'I Am Not Okay With This' Trailer If You Love 'Stranger Things'


The bad news: Netflix hasn't revealed when Stranger Things will return for its fourth season yet. The good news: The streaming service is debuting a new show on Feb. 26 that Stranger Things fans are sure to love. Based on the Charles Forsman graphic novel of the same name, I Am Not Okay With This comes from creator/director of The End of The F***ing World (another Netflix fave also adapted from a Forsman graphic novel) and the producers of Stranger Things. If you haven't watched the trailer for Netflix's I Am Not Okay With This yet, you should, because it looks seriously promising.

The coming-of-age dark comedy stars Sophia Lillis, whom you might know as Beverly Marsh from It and It: Chapter Two. Lillis plays Sydney, a jaded high schooler dealing with typical teenage drama: fights with friends, crushes, hormones, and — oh yeah — her mysterious new telekinetic powers. Totally casual. Wyatt Oleff costars as Sydney's friend, Stanley, and if he looks familiar to you, it's probably because he appeared alongside Lillis in It and its sequel as Stanley Uris. Rounding out the cast is The Good Wife actor Sofia Bryant, who plays Sydney's BFF Dina, and Episodes star Kathlen Rose Perkins, who plays Sydney's mom Maggie.

The newly released trailer will definitely entice fans of Stranger Things and It to check out the upcoming series. Like Eleven, Sydney is also a teenage girl who suddenly discovers she has powerful psychic abilities.

During a February interview with Vogue Australia, Lillis provided her take on the series. "Essentially, it's about a high schooler trying to overcome the usual hurdles, juggling problems at school and at home," she said. "Then, she figures out that she has super powers, which reveal themselves when she gets emotional or angry. She's pretty angsty so it's really not a good mix." So basically, Sydney is like a grown-up version of Eleven from Stranger Things.

The actor later added, "[Sydney] thinks of herself as almost dysfunctional, but in reality she's dealing with it all rather well. She is overwhelmed by her problems, so she shuts down and is in denial for most of the series. She's also very awkward, which makes her relatable. You can see she's trying to do her best, trying to control her emotions, trying to live a normal life, but not everything goes her way."

I don't know about you guys, but I definitely plan on watching this whole series in one sitting. Can Feb. 26 come sooner please?