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Will Dylan Sprouse Be On 'Riverdale'? Cole Sprouse Just Crushed Our Dreams


The Suite Life of Zack & Cody was on Disney Channel for three years and fans have apparently never recovered. People really, really want to see Dylan and Cole Sprouse on TV together again. So much so that fans have been begging for Dylan to make a guest appearance on Riverdale — the hit sexy-murder-plot twist-mystery-thriller show that Cole stars in as Jughead Jones. So, will your prayers be answered? Will Dylan Sprouse be on Riverdale? Sadly, no. Like, a definite no — according to Cole.

Fans first started obsessing with the idea of Dylan making a guest appearance on Riverdale after he posted a picture of himself with KJ Apa (aka Archie Andrews) on his Instagram story. The question has since popped up among fans and even Cole is being asked about the probability. During a recent interview with Glamour, Cole gave a solid response to the floating question. He said,

Honestly, I love a Sprouse twin sandwich as much as the next person, but I have to agree with Cole in this case. Fans are already expecting to meet Betty Cooper's long lost brother during Season 2 of Riverdale, I think another rogue family member might be a little too much.

Cole continued by saying,

Cole even mentioned the fact that Jughead's mother and sister haven't been seen yet, "I already got enough family to deal with here!" Alright, alright — fair point. I guess if it's wrong to want Dylan to appear on Riverdale, some fans don't want to be right.

Alternate universe twinning aside, Season 2 of Riverdale looks like it's going to be good. Like cry because you have to wait a whole week between episodes good.

It's been released that there will be another murder mystery this season and that several characters will take on much more devious personas. Cole teased that Season 2 will lean more towards "horror" in genre, but he wouldn't describe it as "dark." In fact, let's all just stop using that word to describe television and only use it to describe chocolate. He said,

Good to know if I ever randomly meet Cole. Our interaction would be something like —

Me: Hi, Cole! Season 2 of Riverdale is sure darker than last season, huh?

Cole: Please leave.

The actor did say that basically no one is safe and fans shouldn't feel secure with any plot line.

When it comes to Betty and Jughead, PLEASE BE LINEAR AND MONOTONOUS. Obviously, Season 2 is going to take us on a wild ride so we better strap in tight.

While it seems that there will definitely not be a Suite Life reunion happening on Riverdale ever, let's just enjoy it for what it is — an amazing show. Season 2, leggo.

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