New 'Riverdale' Poster Reveals Someone May Die In Season 2 & We Can't Wait

The CW

If you're anything like me, then you are hooked on Riverdale and can't wait for its Season 2 return this fall. At the end of last season, despite having one major mystery wrapped up, we were left on the edges of our seats with tons of questions; from what we've seen and heard so far about the upcoming season, it already looks like it's going to deliver all the drama and darkness we've come to expect and love from Riverdale. Indeed, the latest poster for the show even seems like it might have some sinister Riverdale Season 2 spoilers hidden in plain sight.

The promo poster features the Riverdale crew staring broodingly into the camera as they stand against an ominously dark backdrop in front Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. The sign behind them for Pop's is supposed to read "DINER" in fluorescent letters; two of the sign's letters, however, are dimmed out, causing the sign to read "DIE" instead. It could just be me, but this sure as hell seems like a blatant hint to the audience that shit is about to go down in the new season and, judging by the menacingly blank stares on the crew's faces, we better prepare ourselves.

We've already heard that there will be another murder mystery this season and that several characters will take on much darker personas, so now the major question is: Who is going to die on Riverdale this season?

Of course, we won't have any idea until the season airs, but KJ Apa and Luke Perry definitely gave some major hints while they were at WonderCon a few weeks ago. Luke said of the murdered character, "I felt it was too soon for them, and yet, at the same time, they deserved it"; meanwhile, KJ Apa agreed, adding "I'll just tell you, it was too soon but they had it coming."

All I know is now I really can't wait for Riverdale to come back so I can consume myself with another season filled with drama and mystery.